Refueling was a female version of Conan Yi Yi said that the small spread is the standard of choice –stanley博士的家2

The "fuel" for sealing the female version of Conan said Iran is small and standard – Sohu Iran try cycling entertainment Sohu entertainment news experience "burned body" and "3000 meters skydiving" and other extreme science experiments, Iran this week finally to challenge the identity of the guests came to the show, the future team led and led by the Nigel Maiti team in fierce competition, competing for the Arctic expedition tour awards. In the face of a variety of scientific knowledge, although not an Iraqi reserve scientist, but a variety show with a battle in Iraq well versed in the TV program "routine", frequently "guess" of the subject, but also bold love Sa Beining, said he was their god. Real version of the female Conan Iraq by reasoning frequency points to see the win! To the future, the audience will not be a stranger to iraq. As a member of the scientific laboratory, she was in the! To the future "has aired the program to" cycling "," 3000 meters skydiving "human" burned "and other extreme events show the fearless" female man "spirit makes countless viewers praise. This time, as a challenge to the guests finally came to the show, and Nigel Maiti led another team to actively carry out the contest. In the face of all kinds of scientific problems of Sa Beining, although the knowledge is far from the scientists, but the Iran through the analysis of the impact of the program got answers frequently guess, scoring. Amazing reasoning ability not only to suppress Nelson led another team, also let Sa Beining shocked the audience saying that a "gas is more! To the future, the scene of the female Conan". That is your spouse Chinese xiaosa blue sister "father fate" usually low-key simple Iran, so that the public is fully "touch to her spouse through". But in the "refueling! In the future, the recording process, but she exposes the male god standard. Sa Beining said his "God", and said that the reason why Sa Beining as a man of God, is because the young father always forced her to sit in front of the TV watching "Legal Report", so Sa Beining is her "to god". I did not expect the original one of the male God actually came from listening to the words of the father, the father of life is difficult to violate the Iraq will eventually be a small spread of the conditions set for their own spouse selection criteria.相关的主题文章: