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Specification for trustee   school managed class is not detached from class   education market demand for hosting is so strong, but apart from a few outside the city, and there is no way to most local management practices for managed institutions. The new school year has been half a month, many parents are faced with the problem of children for lunch and lunch, afternoon care came into being. However, those scattered around the school district in the afternoon care, not reassuring. Recently, some of the Henan Zhengzhou wutuo class reporter survey found wutuo class teacher recruitment is not strict, even without verification can be directly posts; hosting small local personnel, there are security risks; teachers are not professional. "Wutuo class", there also is the lack of supervision. For similar to the wutuo class, daycare, boarding classes are depository institutions lack of supervision, is not a problem, it is universal. The school hosting classes in the various departments of the nose off the tube ", a custodian of individual factors and lack of discipline, but the more important reason is the lack of standardized management of depository institutions, the lack of supervision and management according to the" afternoon care "and other depository institutions become affiliated industry in the management of blind education. Trusteeship is to meet the needs of the rise of the service project, due to the conflict between the parents’ work time and the time of school children, this time inevitably produced market demand. This is the objective existence of urban life, can only be reconciled through the market means, the generation of the custody class, is to reconcile the process of this contradiction. Not only in the managed class market solution to the parents as pressing danger also produced new, work in this process, the exercise of the corresponding personnel. This is to solve the basic understanding of chaos in the managed class should have, only to realize that, only then has the possibility to identify the problem, find a solution to the problem measures. Market demand for hosting is so strong, but in addition to a small number of cities, most of the local agencies and no regulatory approach to management. Many local education administrative department also said that such institutions because there is no clear laws and regulations, the lack of basis for management, but also can not enforce the law. From the source of administrative authority, law without authorization is not enough, the law enforcement project approval, naturally produced some problems on administrative behavior of local government. From a practical point of view, the managed class "legalization process", generally have a few channels: First Affiliated training company, two is registered "domestic companies" and "Educational Consultants India Ltd" and other institutions, three is for individual industrial and commercial households "family name". But these have a certificate of the hosting class, there is often a problem beyond the scope of business. At present, there is no clear regulation of the national level of the custody of the regulatory agencies, should first be possible to solve the problem of the existence of the trustee classification. The current hidden dangers and possible problems, mainly fire safety, guidance personnel qualification, food hygiene. The nature of the trusteeship class, in accordance with the operation of various types of custody class point of view, its content is similar to the training course. So, whether or not can be done from the relevant requirements of the training institutions to develop, in line with the actual hosting machine相关的主题文章: