Return of the king, Intel seventh generation core processors to the Sohu of science and technology

The seventh generation Intel core processor to the return of the king – the seventh generation of Intel core processor technology Sohu, is currently in the mobile terminal’s dominant desktop processor market is high although the powerful feudal lords vying for the throne, but Samsung, MediaTek and HUAWEI are kylin occupy a considerable share of the market, the future of the mobile terminal processor winner remains to be seen. In the productive field, Intel’s dominance increasingly consolidated, 14nm technology, fifth generation 62 core processor, not only swept the field of desktop machines, one machine, at the same time, the full force of notebook, tablet computer and nearly two hot 2 in 1 device. The performance of the core of powerful and stable performance has become synonymous with high-end processor, and its outstanding performance in life is to become the best choice for mobile devices. In September, Intel officially released the seventh generation smart core processor, the OEM manufacturers have to release the latest batch of notebook computer. Intel this week brought a "7 generation" to look forward as the theme of the film, a look at the big coffee industry have what to expect for the seven generation core. The video about the size of 5.6mb recently featured articles:? Business cooperation kejimeixue@163 welcome everyone to leave a message, say your point of view, the wonderful on the wall you can directly read the original endorsement of Intel seventh generation processor down down down相关的主题文章: