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SDR IMF said the yuan next month into the basket of the preparatory work carried out smoothly – Beijing, China News Agency, Washington, September 21 Xinhua (reporter Diao Haiyang) the RMB from October 1st onwards was officially incorporated into the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to create the SDR currency basket (SDR). IMF official 21, said at a briefing on the phone, the current preparatory work carried out smoothly. The organization will be announced in the next monetary quantity for each currency basket within 30 days this month. IMF strategy, policy and assessment director sidharth? Tiwari said 21 yuan into the basket will be SDR basket a historic expansion. This also means that the RMB will play a greater potential role in the future. IMF is studying, what will happen to SDR’s position in the international monetary system after the yuan enters the basket. Tiwari said that the relevant preparations for the yuan into the basket is steadily underway. IMF maintains close cooperation with the Chinese government to ensure a smooth transition. He said that since last November, the Chinese government has introduced a number of measures to prepare for the RMB into the basket. For example, China report of its foreign exchange reserves to the IMF parts, and constantly improve the quality Chinese banking, the international bank for reconstruction and development in China for the first time issued SDR denominated bonds and the people’s Bank of China authorized Chinese bank New York branch as the clearing bank for RMB business. The financial director IMF Andrew? Tweedy said the same day, the RMB basket preparations are advancing in the normal track, IMF and its member countries have made the corresponding preparations. Tweedy said, this month 30 days, IMF will announce the number of each currency in the SDR basket since October 1st the currency, the quantity of money will reflect the weight of each currency in the currency basket in SDR. He said that due to the current interest rate of RMB is higher than the interest rate of other currencies in the SDR, the RMB basket is expected to have a more moderate impact on SDR interest rates. Turning to the meaning of the yuan into the basket, Tiwari said that this is an important milestone in the integration process of China and the global financial system, the process of continuous reform in China play a role in recognition and strengthening. He said that with this fusion process continue to promote and deepen and other emerging market economies will make progress in this regard, the international monetary and financial system will be enhanced, which will support global economic growth and stability. SDR is an international reserve assets created by IMF, SDR currency basket in the existing dollar, euro, pound, yen four currencies. In November 30th last year, IMF Executive Board decided from the beginning of this year, the RMB will be included in the SDR currency basket, accounting for 10.92% of the proportion of. (end)相关的主题文章: