Robin Li responded when the body will not feel uncomfortable on Baidu self diagnosis queer as folk

Robin Li responded, "when the body will not feel uncomfortable on the self diagnosis of Baidu," Robin Li (Figure) "I would like to ask the four on the table, when you are not comfortable, will choose the network search? I’ll ask Mr. Robin Li, do you have your own Baidu diagnosis?" The ninth session of the global health promotion conference a forum moderator, put the question to Baidu CEO Robin Li, a burst of laughter ". "I rely on Baidu to check all kinds of questions. Physical discomfort, small things I will check the Internet, it is necessary to find a doctor when serious." Robin Li replied. Prior to the events of the Wei Wei, so that Baidu’s bid ranking model controversial. Robin Li said at the forum, the search site should be the right way to sort medical information, and the establishment of authoritative information. In addition to search, Baidu also hope that through the "Encyclopedia", "know" means to provide information and on-line with providing medical services for users, such as network doctor’s appointments. Whether it is a search site, or social platform, are faced with false information. Not only is the Baidu, WeChat, the United States Facebook also discovered the fake news frequent, especially before the U.S. presidential election, Facebook criticized, "the pope in the general election by Republican Trump" which is a widespread false news. Harmful, false information can be filtered? Robin Li said, first of all, Internet Co to do their best to filter false information, and help users identify. But he also believes that this can not rely on the platform, the government, regulators should play a role. Users should also think about what can be trusted." A Internet Co CEO appeared in the global health conference, Robin Li’s intention is very clear, I want to understand the medical people, the Internet needs to do". Baidu wants to intervene in the medical industry, is not new. Just a few days before the Internet Conference, Robin Li looks forward to the prospect of artificial intelligence and the medical industry, artificial intelligence can help doctors to diagnose a wide variety of patients. Some of the same symptoms, but there is a probability of 1/100000 is another disease, in this case, the human doctor is not necessarily more comprehensive than the computer". But Robin Li said, from the past communication situation, the medical needs of the Internet is still at a low level, such as whether the payment method can be more convenient, medical records can be more convenient". Robin Li said, Internet plus medical service, the first stage is O2O, is the second stage of artificial intelligence to help doctors to diagnose, "us and international university hospitals to cooperate, there is a 80% chance, doctors and artificial intelligence will make the same conclusion." Robin Li called this artificial intelligence diagnostic system "brain". Baidu wants to do more, such as precision medicine. Robin Li said Baidu aimed at the relationship between the genetic mix and disease, and sponsored a project. "Some genetic diseases are caused by a combination of genes and environmental influences, and we know how the genetic mix is causing disease," he said."相关的主题文章: