Rong Ma’anshan software park is built tunnel the relevant sections of the enclosure-stanley博士的家2

Rong Ma’anshan software park built tunnel end today as the relevant sections of the enclosure of the Fuzhou rule blocking project, Xiling exchange copper road junction engineering has attracted a lot of attention. The project will build a new tunnel and a number of connecting Ma’anshan ramp, the realization of the second ring and three ring fast connection. Previously, the tunnel close to the end of the three ring road has been the first to build. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Fuzhou urban construction department, the end of the road will also be connected to the construction of the software project, the construction of the tunnel at the same time to promote the construction of the project speed. Today, the software Avenue 400 meters will begin to block the road, the construction of the main tunnel in Ma’anshan viaduct. Build the viaduct to the main tunnel of Ma’anshan tunnel as the most important part of Xiling exchange copper road connection project, a total length of about 700 meters. Tunnel starting point is located in the software Avenue, after crossing the Ma’anshan, and then through a plurality of ramp, respectively with the Xiling interchange ramp and ring roads linking reservation. After the completion of the Ma’anshan tunnel and the copper road widening has been completed, will become the northwest of the main city of the important "two (ring) Lian San (ring) channel. Ma’anshan tunnel has 4 single holes, including the 2 main hole, the 2 auxiliary hole. Among them, the main hole is elevated by the software system, Software Park Avenue, a ramp, across Ma’anshan, connected to a plurality of ramp Xiling interworking reserved, so as to realize the software, Copper Road Road, software park Beltway and the connection. The auxiliary hole for the ground system, the main connection software Avenue and ring roads, and then through the ring roads and Xiling interchange ramp added, connect with the airport express. After the fence, the viaduct will be a one-way lane, the main road leading to the Ma’anshan tunnel." Project leader said that today they will be about 400 meters on the software Avenue, a width of 11 meters of road block. Enclosure work is expected to be completed in about two days, after the road on both sides to retain a 3.5 meter wide motor lane. The enclosure time about 10 months yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at the scene, the enclosure before the preparatory work has been basically completed. The original sidewalk has been placed on the fence, surrounded by non motorized vehicles will be guided to the sidewalk. Before the enclosure, the urban construction department and the traffic police and other relevant departments repeatedly consultations, as far as possible to reduce the scope of the enclosure and shorten the length of the enclosure, in order to reduce the impact on the public." The person in charge said that this time around the block plan for 10 months, such as the completion of the advance, will also be in time for the people. According to reports, after the section of the road, will start the construction of the Viaduct Pile Foundation, the original green belt will be removed in the middle of the road. A total of 14 piles of this viaduct, in order to shorten the duration, the construction side will arrange for the same time the 4 piling machine. In addition, the original software park will be built near the gate of the other two ramp viaduct, the upper and lower Ma’anshan tunnel main hole. After being moved to the place, the viaduct will be started as soon as possible. (channel network) >相关的主题文章: