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"Rouge" hits a new angle on-line bursting point for users praise – Sohu and Sohu Feng Manna carmine blue entertainment entertainment news by Zhao Liying, Lu Yi, Tao Xinran, Yuan Wenkang and the high yen value high popularity strength actor starred in the legendary Spy Drama "rouge" is the East, Zhejiang two major TV hit, create after the launch of the first day to play the amount of network that is broken million ultra high heat. If you are at home to watch the national day what to worry about, then take a look at this department is not the same as the spy war drama. Partner: Zhao Liying Lu Yi to join the fresh acting online received popularity and strength of floret Zhao Liying play bone Lu Yi premiere couple, two interactive trailers broke the netizen shouted: "God, this is too sweet!" "There are kissing? Eat a pound of food." Two superb performance also won the critics praise: "Zhao Liying is a continuation of the previous hot temperament, still retain the" meat "personality, the Zhao Liying’s blue Rouge lively, let people see the cruel side of life in poetry. Have to say, the change in the character of the rouge is also a great highlight of the play." "Compared to Zhao Liying ‘meat’, Lu Yi is an old driver. Previously, Lu Yi played the role of the "nice guy" is known, this time, he played Zhou Yuhao is a calm old driver. The old driver, big love, little love two shoulders, not only to bear the state responsibility, but also facing the emotional test, but also walk in between ourselves and the enemy, actually let Pinchsbu Khan." Baopeng hits: closer to the younger generation of aesthetic "rouge" not only in the film critics gained very good reputation in the audience, but also mouth overflowing, especially in the younger generation of users is to obtain a very high voice, the first set of less than 24 hours on-line single set playback volume to break billion as the main force of Internet users, young people’s favorite remarkable "rouge". The critic "button will miss" rouge "is called" light Spy Drama ", because" easy way easier to get young people, young people love the less expensive luxury goods in the market is called "light luxury goods", but this is more likely to be young people love. The Spy Drama "rouge" will probably be called "light Spy Drama"." Users praise: the details of the original sound with praise "rouge" launched soon attracted the audience’s favorite, netizens have expressed their views on the "rouge" in the online message, "the plot, this drama is well made, the details of the control is also very good, this time in" Zhao Liying "in" rouge "the breakthrough, not cool to a friend." "Not a remake of IP, original screenplay! Good praise! The plot is very good, the original "praise" of Lu Yi’s great! Zhou Yuhao quickly got me!" "The very texture of drama, Lu Yi still handsome." more details "to control the party textual small details in Rouge" intentions to identify, such as the emergence of the "twin sister brand" rouge, national salvation Council, is the history of the period of the Republic of China did exist, and women seemed non mainstream "blue" surname, Shanghai in 30s is indeed a "legend" blue "name, as a control in the Republic of China often see a variety of drama, Hubian abuse made history, vulnerability.相关的主题文章: