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Ruby Lin after pregnancy frequent Sun brand package users: consider the feelings of others? – Beijing, Beijing, September 16, according to Taiwan "China times news, Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo held the wedding of the century, currently has more than four months pregnant, the face can not hide the mother joy, but recently seems too frequent drying out the boutique brand bags and necklaces, so users can not help open the choke you consider the feelings of others"? Ruby Lin on the social networking website posted on the Italy boutique package, because the color bright moving fans also caused heated discussions, but it seems that some people could not understand this behavior, "how much do you bombard the message bag to the sun? Have you ever thought about a lot of people?" "You have been in the people above is also considering what to do to the people", causing many users attention bias. There are many fans to relax, have a message to send her bag manufacturers certainly hope to help promote, this is the duty of artist "," don’t not eat grapes, no one is forcing you to see ah, but there are also suggested "if not back, can be used to raise money for charity. More people, there is no response to Ruby Lin.相关的主题文章: