Ruby Lin’s mother was the agent denied Shuabing pseudo chicken soup-darren hayes

Ruby Lin’s mother was the agent denied pseudo chicken Shuabing Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the day before the artist Ruby Lin in Bali Island and Wallace Huo married, marriage, about 4 months pregnant wife, promotion of happiness. However, "Ruby Lin mother" recently boarded the hot search, a title for a lifetime too long!" The article describes the divorce of Ruby Lin’s parents, and finally met the right people, the content so that many people read a lot of feelings, crazy forwarding on the network, but also was sealed as chicken soup". Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Ruby Lin has divorced parents, a recent online crazy pass, her parents divorced when he was 12 years old, because his father said to the mother love pot ashtray, repeatedly discouraged invalid. After the mother took her away from home, tears said to her: "I hope you can understand the mother, a lifetime too long." But then the 16 year old mother met a tall, flat stepfather, the other side is not only the name of the holiday frenzy, her mother also has a lot of moving deeds. Finally, the paper concludes, "if a person with another person, just to live, and to live without holiday, no surprise, no touch, no romantic words, not just one day?" The full text of the Internet users crazy forwarding, there are a lot of people moved to agree, life is really too long, to find the right people go together." However, it is understood that this is not a well-known writer, has been applied in the body of Ruby Lin; afterwards also claimed to be the original author of the people out of the rumor. While Ruby Lin said in an interview with the past, after the divorce of the parents and complex, and no stepfather exists. In this regard, Ruby Lin brokers also respond to the ETtoday entertainment star cloud: the article is fake yeah." But it sure is, Ruby Lin has found life in Mr. Right. ETtoday text相关的主题文章: