Rules And Uses Of Knowledge Management And Compliance Management

Business A safety measure to the fire safety and petrol companies and many more government organizations. It is a safety proven and user-friendly software. The EasyRules Suite is the only Common off the Shelf product that fully designed and developed to support the law & regulation inspection, -preserving and -compliance processes. Organization will be helped by this device. It is very handy and easily comprehensible. In this you always have only those conditions available that you need!. It is a perfect blend of Knowledge Management, Content Management and Business Rules Technology integrated with environment. Laws and regulations could be retained as a rule base. It automatically generates checklists and e-forms. It can also be used in for much simpler tasks like interactive license and permit requirement checking. EasyRules methodology has been in the market for more than 8 years. Banking on the previous experience, new rules are introduced. What You See Is What You Get Interfaces is compiled of new content and knowledge. As the EasyRules is a fully open environment, it can also be used as a kernel application, interfacing with existing systems, and or portals. It is a combination of EasyRules Suite and flexible licensing model. It is a perfect package handy for the users. The EasyRules Suite can also help in structuring the Suite in a different way, it can be used to support youre advise-, diagnoses, configuration and other decision support tasks. The data base contains information or documentation which are easily operated. The EasyRules Suite is available in many languages and could be used in mixed language environments. The link manager is essential; here the link between the content and rules is stored, and kept together. You can go back to the source (content), eg. to explain decisions, advises, conditions etc, with the original content or any part of it at any given time. As EasyRules is a generic environment, it is not know where it will be used, and how, that is why it is shipped with a lot of user interface modules. Ranging from a web-based interface up until an off-line windows client that synchronizes with the central database. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: