Russia joint maritime -2016 military exercises to seize control of islands drill – Sohu

Russia joint maritime -2016 military maneuvers took control of the new agency – Sohu in Zhanjiang islands exercise news September 18,   (Li Chun) Russia joint maritime -2016 military exercises in 18 ushered in the implementation of joint maritime operations in stage fourth. Russia participating Marines in an island east of Zhanjiang conducted a joint drills subjects took control of three-dimensional islands. Exercise starts at 8 a.m.. The red planes on the island to implement simulated bombing blue side position. The waters near the Kunlun Mountains navy ship sailing to Chinese Island, sent by divers composed of special sabotage squad to the blue side, behind the main position of regional hidden stealth. China News Agency reporters on the island to see the mobile command headquarters, at 9 in the morning, the navy ship China Yunwu Mountain with the Russian navy "Per Les Waite" landing ship to open the door, the red boat out of ten, making waves, leading to the target beachhead. Followed by the number of amphibious armored assault vehicles, drove into the sea, on the other side of the shooting, providing covering fire for the landing craft. At the same time, more than a dozen Marines from helicopter downhill to the ground, took control of the implementation of three-dimensional islands. Suddenly, coconut deep four gunshots, smoke. About 20 minutes later, the Sino Russian mixed marine blue even break through the last line of defense, the joint stereo on reefs took control of the drill. The Sino Russian mixed marine company commander Sun Jilai said, United took control of the required three-dimensional islands militaryforce relatively complex, coordination is more complicated. This exercise also involves the Sino Russian troops participating in the mixed communication or disorder, but they can overcome these difficulties, the successful completion of the exercise task. From the motor command can be seen clearly, each landing boat carrying Marines in China and russia. Russian troops participating in the exercise system is one of the highlights. The Marine Corps commander Shi Zhigang said, because of the language differences, tactical thinking, command of the participating parties mixed force does have some difficulty. But the Marines landing operation is the main business, the Marines have a certain understanding, without too much verbal communication. "Often is a gesture, an action, we can understand." "Hurrah! Ural!" At the completion of the exercises, Russia participating players celebrate, Lu Zhan together shouted a photo. The general director of the exercise between China and Russia in the Russian Marines to congratulate. Russian general director of the exercise, deputy commander of the Russian navy, said Fido Gannenk J, even if the language barrier, the two navies can also cooperate with Russia to complete the task, the ability to maintain peace and security in the region and the world.相关的主题文章: