Russian media said the missile original design defects R & D expenses drakes

Russian media said the missile has the original design defect of R & D costs dashuipiao data figure: Russian test Bulava intercontinental missile original title: money dashuipiao! Russian media said the "first, the design of the error of reference news network September 30 news media said, R-30 Bulava missile from" Yuri dolgorukiy · no strategic nuclear submarines on another test of only partial success. The Department of Defense announced on 28, two missile silos left normal, but only one hit relonnissanle Jiakula range goals, one of which blew. According to Russia’s "independent" website reported on 29 September, Bulava missile test fired from the beginning of 21, 8 of which were identified failure. And the last time less than the target may be the final judgment. The Moscow Institute of thermal technology has spent millions of dollars on this project. According to the news, Mark Jef had studied the submarine launched ballistic missile state Rocket Center has been ordered to manufacture "Bulava" alternatives. For 15 years the Navy only Bulava missile problem, other missiles are normal flight, even a record, so some people suspect that not all of the professional level in submariners. A person who has a direct relationship with the missile is also holding this view. He said, "the reason, bad reputation is a designer began to make mistakes. Study on the Moscow thermal technology glorious to be evaluated, the development of the "poplar" and "all" missile is now the backbone of the strategic rocket forces. But because the Institute had never studied the submarine launched missile, land-based missile technology is to "bulawa" on the body. The problem is that the use of land-based missile launch container shipping transportation and launch missiles in one. In the "Bulava" appeared before the installation of the submarine based missile silos, no launch container shipment. While the "Bulava" using ground-based missile model: the missile launch container installed in the shipment together into the silo. Perhaps the designers have their own interpretation of the peculiar solution, but the "superfluous" parts of the launch vessel seem to be the root of all the misfortunes. These factors do not have a significant impact on the launch of a missile in the launch vessel during a smooth traction. But the launch is another story – when the missile is moving much faster in the container: all the "bending" of the missile will suffer a great lateral overload. Once an overload is exceeded, the parts may fail. This also explains why the "Bulava" every time in different parts of damaged missile is very long. Perhaps, as early as the fate of Yuri · dolgorukiy launch failure, before the doomed. In June 2016, Mark Jef National Center Rockets general manager and chief designer Vladimir · jeger Chiali announced the start of development instead of new Bulava ballistic missile. The Department of defense has allocated funding for experimental design. Moreover, the national Rocket Center is likely not to start from scratch. The agency as early as 1986 began to develop the use of submarines R-39UTTH ocean liner solid fuel ballistic missiles. The missile program.相关的主题文章: