Russian military Syrian ceasefire needs to maintain the 19 to the United States to exert influence dingxiangwuyuetian

Russian military: Syria ceasefire should be maintained until 19 days at u.s.’influence – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Moscow, September 16 Xinhua (reporter Luan Hai) the first deputy director of the State Administration of combat the Russian general staff Bozzini Hill said on the 16, the territory of Syria by the parties to the conflict to maintain the ceasefire on the 19 day, in order to truly implement the ceasefire agreement and the fight against terror molecular conditions. According to the Russian Defense Ministry news, Bozzini Hill said in Moscow on the same day, although since 12, the Syrian cease-fire, some armed factions in violation of the ceasefire agreement, but Russia still decided to try to ensure the implementation of the agreement to 19 this month. Russia wants the United States to impose its influence on the Syrian armed factions under its supervision, so that the unconditional ceasefire, so as to avoid the situation out of control. According to Russian media reports, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and US Secretary of state Kerrey 14 in the phone, agreed this week to try to maintain the ceasefire in Syria, since then, Russia will set up joint implementation center to coordinate the two countries air force designated combat area, and the area of the "Islamic state", "conquer the front" and other extremist groups to hit targets, the Syria air force will not participate in the fight against these areas. The United States and Russia, 10, the parties to the conflict in Syria to implement a new ceasefire agreement, the ceasefire agreement effective on the 12 day. If the new ceasefire agreement can be maintained for 7 days, the United States and Russia will strengthen military cooperation in Syria, including the formulation of the strategy to fight against terrorist forces in syria.相关的主题文章: