Salad oil found in Taiwan earthquake beam column in a collapsed

A salad oil drum is a salad oil drum in the beam column in the collapsed building of Taiwan earthquake. The graph is the salad oil drum in the beam column. The graph is the salad oil drum in the beam column. The building technician sees the broken reinforced bar exposed to the collapse of the Yongkang crown tower, and the surface is clean, questioning the obvious defects in the construction. The Taiwan earthquake in February 6th, the worst hit Tainan Yongkang wingain building, such as tofu like Liang Zhuzhong in the collapse of the damage cannot withstand a single blow, the scene, was clearly visible with salad oil when the prop, if the beam column is an important support structure, rather than decorative columns are built taking Jerry had a very clear evidence. Wellgain Jinlong building, the 17 storey building, after the earthquake cut only five layers, from a height looking down, the whole building with broken tofu as reduced to fragments of more than 200 households, the night homes were destroyed and trapped in the rubble, police and fire continued to search and rescue, has rescued hundreds of people, but currently known a 10 day old baby girl was killed and a middle-aged man killed. Field firefighters said that the building had obvious flaws in the cover, and then collapsed. The stirrup camber should be 135 degrees to 90 degrees seismic site, only is not enough!" Pointing to the scene of the broken walls, and more gas disaster relief workers say more. The so-called stirrups, is in building the building, bundled with the main reinforcement iron strip, used to strengthen the core concrete surround effect. Stirrup spacing, hook angle, hook length, thickness and other related building reinforcement, seismic capacity. 921 because many of the old buildings, stirrup camber only 90 degrees easily without seismic decoupling. In addition, the wreckage from the scene can be seen everywhere, the fracture of connector from the bar, the building in the display cover when Jerry Liang Zhu using the mixed grip does not, will not resist earthquake, a shake, let the house full of broken pillars, dumping the whole building directly east side of the road forever direction. This Jerry building project, when the building of the crown building has long been closed down, the victims of the disaster, I am afraid there is no door. It is understood that the Crown Victoria boss surnamed Lin, established in 1989, Crown Victoria construction, capital of 25 million, 4 years has built a temple, dragon crown dimension Guanlong dimension, but in the cover of crown Jinlong, the company financial crisis, barely finished, the company collapsed. Therefore, the Crown Victoria Jinlong are of poor quality, seismic rate worse, 921 once damaged, is found to be dangerous, now the southern Great Earthquake, house age 21 years tofu buildings collapsed, the Crown Victoria had collapsed, more than 200 households not only lose the shelter, may also have no place to claim. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

台湾地震倒塌大楼梁柱内发现色拉油桶 图为梁柱内的色拉油桶。 图为梁柱内的色拉油桶。 图为梁柱内的色拉油桶。 图为建筑技师看到永康维冠大楼倒塌外露的断裂钢筋,表面十分干净,质疑施工有明显瑕疵。   台湾2月6日大地震受灾最严重的台南永康维冠大楼,有如豆腐般不堪一击,在倒塌的现场破损梁柱中,竟清楚可见用色拉油桶当支柱,若该梁柱是结构中的重要支撑点,而非装饰梁柱,则建商偷工减料的证据就已非常明确。   维冠金龙大楼,此建筑楼高17层,地震过后腰斩只剩下五层,从高处往下望,整栋楼就跟摔烂的豆腐一样支离破碎,200多名住户深夜家园被毁,受困瓦砾中,警消持续搜救中,虽已成功救出上百人,但目前已知一名10天大的女婴不幸身亡及一名中年男子身亡。现场消防人员表示这栋建筑在盖的时候有明显瑕疵,才会一震就塌。   “箍筋弯度应该135度才耐震,现场只有90度根本不够啊!”指着现场的断垣残壁,救灾人员越说越气。所谓箍筋,是在盖大楼时,捆绑主要钢筋的铁条,用来加固核心混凝土的围束效果。箍筋的间距、弯钩角度、弯钩长度、箍筋粗细等,攸关建筑物的耐震能力。921时就因为很多老旧建筑物,箍筋弯度只有90度容易脱钩而不耐震。   另外,从现场的残骸可以看出,断裂处都是从钢筋续接器发生,显示这栋建筑物在盖的时候偷工减料,梁柱所用的混泥土握力根本不足,才会无法抵挡强震,一摇晃,就让房屋内柱子全断,整栋楼直接往东边永大路方向倾倒。   这种豆腐渣工程,当时盖大楼的维冠建设却早已倒闭,此次受灾严重的灾民恐怕求偿无门。据了解,维冠的老板姓林,1989年成立维冠建设,资本额2500万,4年间先后盖了维冠龙殿、维冠金龙,但在盖维冠金龙时,公司爆发财务危机,勉强盖完,公司就垮了。因此维冠金龙质量很差,抗震率糟,921就曾经受损,被判定是危楼,如今南部大地震,屋龄21年的豆腐大楼倒塌,维冠却早已垮台,200多名住户不但失去栖身之所,还可能无处求偿。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: