Samsung is about to deliver a new mobile phone box with fault free s mark-jinshen

Samsung will be delivered to the new mobile phone fault free packing box is marked with "S" technology – Samsung Electronics Tencent this year’s flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note 7, the battery overheating and explosion fault, Samsung has become a product of global scandal, has issued a recall order. According to foreign media, the latest news, Samsung Electronics has been prepared to deliver external security failure Note 7 phone, the new phone will also make a mark in the packaging box, etc., so that consumers can rest assured to buy. A week ago, Samsung Electronics for the global market issued a recall order Note 7 phone. The company said there was a rare process error in the production of lithium batteries, which could lead to overheating. According to the U.S. science and technology news website TheVerge reported that Samsung has been almost ready for retailers, operators and other partners, delivery of new mobile phones without battery security issues. The next few weeks, the product has been recalled consumers or U.S. retailers, will continue to get a new phone. In the vicinity of the product bar code, Samsung Electronics will be annotated with a very prominent English letter "S", indicating that the new mobile phone use lithium battery is safe (S for the English word "Safe" the first letter). In addition to this letter, in the vicinity of the bar code, there will be a black box, and the previous delivery of Note 7 mobile phone is different. It should be noted that, in the new Note 7 mobile phone, Samsung is only the replacement of lithium batteries, did not make any changes to other configurations, design. According to Bloomberg, the Samsung Note mobile phone 7 two weeks before the full sale, has so far sold 2 million 500 thousand, while the global product recall will bring $one billion in economic losses to samsung. This is Samsung Electronics in recent years, the most serious product recalls. According to reports, next week, Samsung will launch a IMEI mobile phone number database, all Note 7 mobile phone users can enter their mobile phone number IMEI, check your mobile phone is belong to the scope of the recall, whether is the replacement of mobile phone has been re issued. The user can find the IMEI number in the barcode location of the phone. According to Samsung’s recall policy, all consumers to buy this phone, you can buy a place in the original replacement of a new, no security issues Note 7 phone. In addition, the U.S. mobile operators have also introduced a refund policy. In addition, consumers can also give up the Note 7 mobile phone, the replacement of a Samsung released early Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge phone, the difference between the two phones can be saved as consumption points. According to statistics, as of September 1st, the country has been broke out Samsung Note 7 mobile phone lithium battery overheating, explosions and other cases, which indicates that the problem is very common and obvious, the urgent need to issue a recall order 35. However, according to reports, Samsung’s recall order in the United States, the United States has not been a consumer protection agency, which led some consumers do not understand the recall information. But in the past few days, the United States took place over at least two serious cases of fire accidents, a Cherokee jeep.相关的主题文章: