Scammers use shopping refund tricks to lure elderly Dingyuan County hundred celebrities cheated-diying

Scammers use shopping refund tricks to lure elderly Dingyuan County hundred celebrities cheated a victim with a buy from there are common liar liar routine in Xin’an Anhui Evening News Network (News) to send a small gift as a means to expand influence in the local, with "shopping refund" step by step to lure the elderly, when the old people buy "luxury" items, the group organized by Not the least trace was found. disappear. In late August, Dingyuan County, nearly 100 old man fell into the crook pre dug pit, but MoGaoYiChe DaoGaoYiZhang, this group of swindlers was eventually arrested by Dingyuan police. One morning the hotel activities in late August at 4 o’clock, Dingyuan county a hotel in the popular "bursting", even the aisles are packed with the elderly, and the elderly outside Everfount coming in, the hotel staff too busy to attend to all. It turned out that these elderly people are to participate in a 10 day event. What kind of activities to be held at 4 o’clock in the morning, but also attracted so many elderly people? It turned out that the old man two days ago to see the streets circulated leaflets, said the day to hold a health class lecture here, more importantly, as long as there are gifts to participate in activities. On the day of the "lecture", a so-called "health experts" to the old people about health care knowledge, let the old people feel good, 7 o’clock in the morning after the end of the old people really got noodles, soap, egg and other gifts. For three days so that old people have more affection for this group of young people to organize activities, the lecture will have a free gift, the news of twenty hundred, more and more elderly people were attracted by the. The old man step by step when sending three days, the event organizers began to introduce the products, are dozens of yuan, one hundred or two hundred yuan of products, and tell the old people, the purchase of products will have a "gift". Zhang aunt cheated yesterday told the Xin’an evening news, Anhui network reporter, third days of activities, the organizers gave her a card, said how much money to buy back how much money. The old people try to hold the right enough, but the recommended products more expensive. "The money is back on the same day, that is, we can get a product without paying for it." Zhang aunt said, and later changed to second days refund, do the activities of the goods from the hundreds of dollars into the thousand mark". Many elderly people worry that the original deceived did not dare to buy, and later found that although a day later but still can continue to refund, gradually lay down the last trace of alert. The seventh day, the organizers claim out of bottom pressure products, a "made in Korea" health care pillow, the value of 2900 yuan, the old people have been shot, but the organizers withdrew 300 yuan after a person was gone. August 28th, feeling cheated more than 80 elderly people to the police. The two cheats all arrested after receiving the alarm, Dingyuan police task force set up joint operations by police, long-range raid 200 kilometers, in cooperation with the police in Mengcheng, successfully destroyed two to elderly victims of fraud gangs, gang members arrested 15 people. Full participation in the case of the police investigation Feng Zaisheng told reporters that this相关的主题文章: