Selby into the king does not like Ding Junhui and super ace distance (video)-瀬名アスカ

Selby became king not lovable Ding Junhui and Super Master distance [collection] Ding Junhui 1-10 lost to Selby missed 13 career crown Sports Tencent October 30th, in the 2016 snooker National Championships final, Ding Junhui in the first stage 1-8 behind, the second stage and lost two games, the final 1-10 defeat to Selby. Selby won his ninth career in the title race, but also became the first 80 after the four Grand Slam players. The final is Selby and Ding Junhui in this season’s second meeting, plus the end of last season’s World Championships, in this year, the two have met in the finals for the third time. There is no doubt that these 2 players are the best in the state of the year, the two players, said the 80 players after the war, not a bit. Selby eventually won the first in the world, that is not free, to win in the battle of 80, became the leader of the 80 players. Judging from the historical record, Ding Junhui scored 12 ranking tournament champion, 6 points out of the pole of 147 points, ranked first in the 80! Selby 9 ranking titles, but contains 2 World Championships, the gold content significantly higher than Ding Junhui, China’s now on the lack of a world championship, which is between the two players of the gap, Ding Junhui is also super players gap distance. Selby English attack and defense, and Ding Junhui attack ability is outstanding, ranking finals are long, so the players in addition to competition in technology, personal willpower and ability of the game is also a great test. Master blows, winning in this sense, but Ding Junhui score defeat will need a good summary, this is not Ding Junhui’s first defeat in the final game, in the 07 Wembley masters are big score lost to O’Sullivan. From long experience, Selby was better than others, the prospect of the season behind the game, then world championships ability is concerned, Selby also dominated, Ding Junhui needs a good summary, two people in the back of the contest will be a major part of. Selby’s reputation in the snooker is not particularly good, mainly because he is love death grind foam, utilitarian, dull, lack of appreciation, use unscrupulous divisive tactics, the lack of a gentleman. The development of snooker is not a good thing, bring the final, we must remember that this year the final fight, two people even made a marathon just 70 minutes, and even the audience protested on the toilet. As 80 after the first 200 out of hundreds of players, players play as the history of 100 centuries in the youngest, Selby and Ding Junhui in the back will be staged more classic battle, there is no doubt that Selby will be the most powerful opponent 80, hope the good Ding Junhui summed up the experience of the game, win more trophies. Although the final defeat, but on this tournament, Ding Junhui demonstrated his ability to compete. (French swordsman)相关的主题文章: