Serie A – wing made Oolong 2 will back injury 10 Juventus hit 13 winning streak-ssport

Serie A – wing made Oolong 2 will back injury 10 Juventus hit 13 winning streak (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time 3:45 on February 4th (Italy local time 3 days, 20:45) to start the twenty-third round of the Serie A contest, Juventus home court 1 0 victory over Genoa, the creation of the Serie A team history single season winning streak (13 wins), still maintain 2 points gap with the leader of Naples. Claude Lado makes the other side oolong. Caceres tearful Evra ligament injury exit, has been replaced due to injury, substitute Ariza red card. Juventus hit new record of Serie A Winning streak. Man Giulia Kikki, Khedira, Asamoah injured, Sturua Lo is still following the truce, poor health. The Allegri midfielder to replace 3 people, two wings into Claude Lado and Evra, Padoin replaced khedira. Romina is back on the bench. The introduction of many new aid winter window Genoa large rotation, Gabriel – Silva, Suso, cerci starter. Genoa had only 2 wins (9 flat and 37 losses) against Juventus in the previous 48 Serie A games, and the last victory should be traced back to January 1991. Juve are not eager to attack after the opening. Dibala road break Benzema Erie, 22 meters in front of left foot shot missed. Pogba also missed the kick. Encham instigated counterattack, Ansaldi broke through Evra pass, Gabriel after a small angle to hit high. You got the lead in thirtieth minutes! Claude Lado right into the area change line fool IZZO pass, de Mayo points out it into his shovel into the far corner of the net, 1 than 0. Before the end of the first half, Evra was replaced by Sandro Alex, he directly back to the locker room. The second half started soon, Ariza for morata, Genoa with Suso for cerci. Ariza immediately get the opportunity to pass digba collusion straightened, single foot Tui was flying Palin confiscated. Caceres soon fell wounded, tears was stretchered off, Rugani came off the bench, Juve fans applause Caceres. Ewing counter attack opportunity, Claude Lado road break, the edge of the area does not arrive at the foot of ariza. Eighty-ninth minutes, Dibala on the right side of the area turned over the defense, but there is no direct shot, but to return Trevor Ariza, but his low truncation by Munhoz. In stoppage time, Ariza behind the uprooting IZZO, was sent off! It was the first Serie A red card for Juve against Sassolo since last October. Juventus (3-5-2):1- Buffon 15- 19- 4- who, Bonucci, Caceres (63’24- Rugani) 16- Claude Lado, 20- Padoin, 8- Marchisio, 10- 33- Evra (41’12- bogeba, Alex Sandro Baala Morata (21-), 9- 54’7- (3-4-3):1- Ariza) Genoa Palin 24- Munhoz 4- 5- 3-, Mayo, Ansaldi IZZO. 30- Rigoni, 31- Benzema Erie (81’42- Matav) 34- Gabriel, Silva 11- (54’17- 19-, Suso cerci) Paavo Letty, 18-)

意甲-飞翼造乌龙2将伤退 10人尤文创13连胜纪录 (点击观看高清组图)   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月4日3时45分(意大利当地时间3日20时45分),意甲开始第23轮较量,尤文图斯主场1比0小胜热那亚,创造队史意甲单赛季连胜纪录(13连胜),仍与领头羊那不勒斯保持2分差距。夸德拉多制造对方乌龙。卡塞雷斯韧带拉伤含泪退场,埃弗拉也因伤被换下,替补扎扎吃到红牌。   尤文冲击俱乐部意甲连胜新纪录。曼朱基奇、赫迪拉、阿萨莫阿因伤缺阵,基耶利尼仍休战,斯图拉罗身体状况不佳。阿莱格里中场更换3人,两翼变为夸德拉多和埃弗拉,帕多因顶替赫迪拉。勒米纳伤愈担任替补。冬窗引进不少新援的热那亚进行大轮换,苏索、切尔奇、加布里埃尔-席尔瓦首发出场。热那亚此前48次意甲客场对阵尤文仅2胜(9平37负),上次取胜要追溯到1991年1月。   开场后尤文并不急于进攻。迪巴拉中路突破泽马伊利,在门前22米处左脚射门偏出。博格巴主罚任意球也打偏。恩查姆策动反击,安萨尔迪突破埃弗拉传中,加布里埃尔后点小角度打高。尤文第30分钟取得领先!夸德拉多右路切入禁区变线骗过伊佐传中,德马约前点解围却铲进自家球门远角,1比0。上半时结束前,埃弗拉被阿莱士-桑德罗换下,他直接返回了更衣室。   下半时开始不久,扎扎换下莫拉塔,热那亚则用苏索换下切尔奇。扎扎马上获得机会,接应迪巴拉直传,单刀左脚推射被佩林飞身没收。卡塞雷斯争顶倒地受伤,含泪被担架抬下,鲁加尼替补出场,尤文球迷掌声鼓励卡塞雷斯。   尤文获得反击良机,夸德拉多中路突破,禁区边缘没能传到扎扎脚下。第89分钟,迪巴拉禁区右侧转身突破防守,但没有直接射门,而是想回传扎扎,但他的低传被穆尼奥斯截断。补时阶段,扎扎背后铲倒伊佐,被红牌罚下!这是尤文去年10月对阵萨索洛以来首张意甲红牌。   尤文图斯(3-5-2):1-布冯 15-巴尔扎利,19-博努奇,4-卡塞雷斯(63’24-鲁加尼) 16-夸德拉多,20-帕多因,8-马尔基西奥,10-博格巴,33-埃弗拉(41’12-阿莱士-桑德罗) 21-迪巴拉,9-莫拉塔(54’7-扎扎)   热那亚(3-4-3):1-佩林 24-穆尼奥斯,4-德马约,5-伊佐 3-安萨尔迪,30-里戈尼,31-泽马伊利(81’42-马塔夫兹),34-加布里埃尔-席尔瓦 11-切尔奇(54’17-苏索),19-帕沃莱蒂,18-恩查姆(58’16-卡佩尔)   (马舸)相关的主题文章: