Shaanxi college students said the school was traced mandatory donation miscommunicated 音羽かなで

Shaanxi college students said the school was traced forced donations miscommunicated Zhang Lei (a pseudonym) did not expect his first donation at the University, is mandatory. She was told that the school counselor "euphemism" organization’s contributions, each have to donate a minimum of $50. Zhang Lei, Shangluo College in Shaanxi, many students have the same experience. October 23rd is the 40 anniversary celebration of Shangluo College, Shaanxi. From October 11th onwards, has been claimed to be the Shaanxi Shangluo College students users post, said the school anniversary students are required to donate donation amount is limited. The number of the students of the school to the squad number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) that is the anniversary of two college students donated school, and is not voluntary. In this regard, Shaanxi, Shangluo College responded that the initiative of the school students voluntary donations, the amount is not limited, but in the upper and lower levels in the process of transmission, the deviation of the two colleges and universities, the school has also been corrected. Shaanxi – Shangluo College.         3 Shaanxi Shangluo College students in the picture Post Bar in Tucao donations".         data picture "compulsory donation minimum 50 yuan" in October 11th, Shaanxi, Shangluo College, College of art students Zhang Lei received a report sent to the monitor". The proposal said, October 23rd is the 40 anniversary of the founding of Shangluo College school, all the teachers and students in the school’s initiative for voluntary donation, in order to fully demonstrate business school students also hope that teachers and students cohesion, attract social resources, to raise funds for the love of his alma mater. Received the written proposal of Zhang Lei did not expect, which referred to "voluntary" is not the case. She told the case number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37), counselor asked students to donate money, said sooner or later have to pay, a minimum of $50. "It’s very tactful," he said. "We know he can’t help it." Zhang Lei said, the class 30 students pay, by collecting "monitor monitor, if you do not pay, it’s up to monitor or counselor to advance, because they have enough to pay." One of the students for a chat screenshots also show that donations in the class called "notification information about the school anniversary donation, our class pay enough money to pay." The information requirements of the big 11 school year, state grants students and the class, each class of ordinary students donated 50 yuan, 25 yuan per person. Students who have difficulties, dormitory roommates help each other. Zhang Lei said that a good donation into a mandatory requirement, they can not think of a bit. Many students also confirmed the existence of mandatory contributions.         picture the statement adhere to the voluntary school a school students also received notice "decoration donation with class monitor, everyone must be involved." But not all students have encountered this situation. This year, Liu Na (a pseudonym) is a student at the school of statistics, Shangluo College, 7相关的主题文章: