Shanghai aunt valuable experience for many years, so pick vegetables right!

Shanghai aunt valuable experience for many years, so pick vegetables right! Cannot do without three meals a day to buy food to cook but how to pick vegetables is a lot of headaches after all, how to pick vegetables is a lot of knowledge Oh today, things would turn to buy food Master small bacteria teach you how to choose vegetables Click to play GIF 498K what kind of fresh bamboo shoots bamboo branch like yellow horn, a soil the fleshy yellow hard, but the base part of the fibrosis accounted for less. Use a nail easily cut, shell skin is tightly wrapped, no hollowing press, so that more fresh bamboo shoots. If bamboo shoots have smell smell of sulphur, don’t buy it, may be smoked. Storage method: if bamboo shoots are quantity, short-term can not finish it, and not to peel, barrel, first at the bottom of the barrel with a thickness of 10 cm above the wet sand, chaff can, then shoots tip upward vertically placed in a container, covered with a layer of bamboo shoots before 10 the moist sand in the cm thick bamboo shoots, cover and put in a cool ventilated place, this method can be stored for about 2 months in the winter bamboo shoots. How to identify the old celery celery must buy white poles, rather than the green bar. The former is tender, the latter is old. Of course, someone pinch pinch of celery, easy to break for the tender celery, not easy to break the old celery. The leaves don’t buy green color, the taste will be relatively old. Storage methods: fresh celery neatly tied, with plastic bags or plastic wrap will shoot wraps, then celery root down vertically put in the pot of water, not yellow fade within a week. Celery leaves can also be removed, cut into long rinse, neatly into boxes or clean storage bags, sealed box or bag, placed in the refrigerator room, eat with the. How to avoid buying to pick the hollow turnip to pick is white, smooth surface, uniform overall pick. Another point is the most important, we must pick a small tail ring, so not easy hollow. You can put the white radish with weigh in hand, generally speaking, as head of the white radish, the heavier the more tender. Can also use the finger tapping the white radish, if the sound is crisp, good quality. Storage method: (1) use cartons or baskets. To store radish, with a knife repaired back into the carton or basket, and then buried soil boxes or baskets radish, turnip buried out of soil, about three or four cm thick as the standard, sprinkle some water after every 10 days and 8 days are soil, can also ensure that fresh radish bran. (2) plastic bag. The radish cut top to tail, according to the size of order into airtight plastic bag, and then pocket mouth sealed, placed in the shade. After eating out of the radish and then sealed the pocket mouth, so that the radish fresh bran. How to choose the bean sprouts normal green bean sprouts slightly yellow, not too thick, moderate moisture, no smell. Abnormal color white beans blue bud, stem stout, more water, have the taste of chemical fertilizer. In addition, the selection of mung bean sprouts to choose 5 ~ 6 cm long as well. In addition, there is no root bean sprouts is a national food hygiene management departments expressly prohibit the sale and consumption of vegetables, one must not buy. Storage methods: bean sprouts nutritious, but more delicate, water content, easy to rot. Have no end相关的主题文章: