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Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai brand private cars can apply for a network of about vehicle information access monitoring platform private car can not engage in the network about the car business? Yesterday, the Municipal Transportation Commission released the network about the car business service management regulations of the draft, Shanghai network about cars need Shanghai, Shanghai brand; network about cars should be registered in the city, the city vehicle emissions to reach the emission standard. At the same time, the vehicle should be detected through the business of environmental protection and safety performance of vehicles, shall be subject to business sexual intercourse strong insurance, business third party liability insurance, passenger accident insurance. Vehicle data information should be access to industry regulatory platform. The vehicle must be equipped with emergency alarm device which can send emergency information to the public security organ. Municipal Transportation Commission yesterday in the official website announced three documents to solicit public opinion. These three documents are "Shanghai city network booking taxi business service management regulations (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "draft"), "on the deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry and the implementation of the views of" the city "on the norms of private minibus carpool travel opinions (draft"). Deadline for comments is October 21st. Net about car driver is Shanghai hukou "draft" clearly stipulates that in the city engaged in network management service about the car driver, in accordance with the "measures" provisions of the conditions, should also be the residence in the city, and held the city’s public security authorities issued a motor vehicle driving license; from the filing date of the first 1 years without driving motor vehicles more than 5 times the road traffic safety violations; since the date of application before the revocation of the taxi qualification records within 5 years; as of the date of application, no more than 5 road traffic violations have not received the overdue treatment. At the same time also provides that the individual is limited to all of its vehicles to apply to engage in a network of about car business, and it must hold the "network rental taxi driver’s license". In addition to the taxi and bus rental operators, all other units of the vehicle shall not apply for the network about the car business. Net about car emission standards to meet in the city in the network about the car business service vehicles must be registered in the city, the city can be reached the provisions of the registration of motor vehicle emission standards; fuel vehicle wheelbase 2700 mm or more, the new energy vehicle wheelbase of 2650 mm or more; through the business of environmental protection and vehicle safety performance test; insurance business insurance business intercourse, third party liability insurance and passenger accident insurance; fixed vehicle satellite positioning standard installation, supervision data access platform; installation to the public security organs to send emergency emergency information alarm device. The draft also clear that the network about the car and the parade car (that is, a taxi) shall not exceed the approved scope of operations. Net about car platform company shall strictly implement the provisions of the price tag, prominently in the network service platform and business premises in a timely and accurate public service content, charges, complaints etc., shall not charge any fees not specified; to provide electronic or paper invoices to taxi passengers. Network about the vehicle operation safety accidents occurred in the network, about the platform of the car company should bear the liability for the loss of passengers in advance. The company shall sign a labor contract or agreement with the driver. The establishment of a labor relationship shall be made in accordance with the law相关的主题文章: