Shanxi found large ancient building base for the preliminary determination of Sui Dynasty palace

Shanxi found large ancient building base of the preliminary determination of the Sui Dynasty palace Jinyang – Sohu news site unearthed cultural relics unearthed cultural relics unearthed cultural relics of Taiyuan Xinhua news agency Reuters reporter from the Shanxi provincial Archaeological Research Institute learned that the ancient city of Jinyang archaeological excavation has made a major breakthrough, archaeological workers in the ancient city of Jinyang building two base group unearthed in two groups of large buildings base. Experts said that this is used for the first time in the ruins of ancient city of Jinyang Tang building base. According to the unearthed relics sites, a preliminary determination of the Northern Dynasties and Sui Jinyang Miyagi region. The national key cultural relics protection units Jinyang city is located in Jinyuan District of Taiyuan City, it went through early spring, the prosperity of Tang Dynasty, built in the early Song Dynasty, was burnt to flooded sealed underground, continuous use in 1500. In the Tang Dynasty is on par with Changan, Luoyang, Kyoto North east. Among them, Jinyang Miyagi was founded in the Eastern Wei period, after the destruction, in the Sui three years and was rebuilt. 2012 to 2016, the Archaeological Institute of Shanxi province and the Taiyuan Institute of Archaeology in the ancient city of Jinyang building two base group to carry out archaeological excavations, has excavated area of ten thousand square meters, two sets of large construction site excavated. Among them, the West Group building base was built in Tang Dynasty, or in the early Song Dynasty, the overall layout is basically kept intact. The whole group of buildings from the left and right sides of the house to form a closed courtyard. The building sits in the axis layout, consisting of roads, doorway, three courtyards, ten halls and corridors around. In addition, archaeologists in the West Building Base on the group also unearthed many Canbei, some involving the Diamond Sutra, "and some house". There is a great monument, inscribed "Sui palace Jinyang" content. In addition, the building site around the stump, Jingchuang also have unearthed stone building components, exquisite porcelain, as well as a large number of bricks and other beast. "From the ruins and relics unearthed can infer that this is a Buddhist temple ruins." Han Binghua, deputy director of the Institute of archaeology, Shanxi, said the person in charge of the archaeological project. In the West Building 100 meters east, archaeologists excavated the East Group building base, is divided into three phases. We can see that in the early Han Dynasty people will have activities here, to Wei Jin and Sixteen Kingdoms, activity rich, found a large cellars and housing sites and other sites, to expand the scale of construction in the Northern Dynasties, the layout is more clear, that drains around tortuous courtyard, well built elegant, neat and uniform foundation. "We have never discovered in the ancient city of Jinyang before the Tang Dynasty building base, this is the first time a clear understanding of the ancient city of Jinyang from city to change between the ruined city. In addition to the era of continuous, that is very important in this place, there may be the Miyagi region." Han Binghua said. Han Binghua said, from different strata overlying and important architectural monuments, can reflect the different age people in this place, indicating that the region is the ancient city of Jinyang city center. From the "Sui palace Jinyang" Canbei found with past archaeological achievements and literature, can be initially determined that the place for the Northern Dynasties and Sui Jinyang Miyagi region.相关的主题文章: