Shanxi the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty watchtowers disrepair was blown

Shanxi the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty watchtowers disrepair was blown collapse of the Xinhua News Agency Taiyuan October 6th news (reporter Wang Jinghuai) Shanxi province Wu Ming the Great Wall landscape of the Great Wall on the evening of 3 watchtowers remaining collapse. The local the Great Wall clerk said that this section of the Great Wall is in disrepair, when the night winds, the second day found the watchtowers collapsed. Yin Chengwu said hirotake the Great Wall, before the collapse watchtowers shape is similar to the Triumphal Arch, is also the majority of travel enthusiasts called "moon". Now only a brick tower. The tower was originally "crumbling, 3 evening scraping years of this rare gale, it is found that the collapse of second days." Shanxi the Great Wall research association sponsors Zhang Bingfa said that this section of the Great Wall in the last century in 70s suffered vandalism. Local villagers to take bricks with shovels and even explosive destruction of Lou soil. After 80s and 90s, although the reduction of man-made damage, but the corresponding maintenance work has not been followed up. There are many places like the Great Wall in Shanxi, the need for timely repair". Director of Shanyin County Management Center Ouyang Tian said, after the collapse of the watchtowers have reported to higher authorities, now collapsed place has been cordoned off, waiting for further processing. It is reported that the the Great Wall was built in Hongwu Ming Hongwu years, is one of the most complete package of the Ming the Great Wall. The section of the Great Wall without artificial restoration, maintain the historical appearance, become repair the Great Wall other places "template". (end) related: Yamashi Hirotakea the Great Wall sign damage cause analysis of the collapse of the moon landscape相关的主题文章: