Shenyang strive to 5 years of urban centralized drinking water up to 100% – China

Shenyang to 5 years city centralized drinking water standard 100% – Beijing Beijing in September 13 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Shen Diancheng) Shenyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director Li Guohong 13 in the Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office press conference said that Shenyang city will carry out scientific and systematic management of water environment and water resources protection work, and strive to through 5 years of time, make Shenyang Liaohe River water quality to achieve stability and stability to IV V of main stream of Hunhe River water standards, while achieving the built-up area of black smelly water, basically eliminated water city centralized drinking water compliance rate of 100%. According to reports, the Shenyang municipal government issued the day before the "Shenyang city water pollution control implementation plan (2016-2020)". The program defines the future of water pollution prevention and control objectives and tasks in Shenyang, water pollution prevention and control work in the next 5 years to conduct a comprehensive and careful deployment. Li Guohong said that the "plan" in the process of making in-depth analysis of the causes of pollution and pollution sources, focus on the water environment and water resources problems, adhere to the "operation and implementation, can be completed, can reach the standard" principle, strive to break through the bottleneck, scientific and objective to formulate work objectives and tasks, and earnestly carry out the evaluation of target reachability analysis and environmental benefits, ensure the "plan" scientific, rigorous and effective. It is understood that the city of Shenyang in the prevention and control of water pollution, urban centralized sewage treatment, industrial pollution control, rural pollution remediation, river comprehensive management, drinking water security and other aspects of the specific planning. In the urban sewage centralized management, planning of the sewage treatment plant and supporting pipe network construction as the focus, strengthen the construction of key projects such as sewage treatment plants; synchronous improvement of city drainage system, combined with the sponge city and urban pipe gallery building, organized to complete the sewage pipeline construction plant catchment area, promote the transformation of rain and sewage. By the end of 2017, the sewage treatment rate reached 100%. Shenyang city in the prevention and control of water pollution, the mechanism and system innovation driven, focus on strengthening the protection of water environment system construction, from improving the environmental management mechanism, to crack down on environmental violations and crimes, strengthen the assessment and accountability, increase government investment in environmental protection, establish market system, strengthen scientific and technological support, promote the people involved in environmental protection, put forward the specific tasks and requirements, and effectively protect the water environment governance work by the end of the treatment to the prevention and control of the whole process of passive, and participation of the whole society, change the mode of. (end)相关的主题文章: