Shinto who depict autumn, Jinling tourism Sohu – brilliant purples and reds v. 下北glory days

Shinto who depict autumn, Jinling tourism Sohu v. brilliant purples and reds autumn is a magic fairy, she lit a nature fairy wand, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Shinto in her magic, she also became a riot of colours, a plant for plant add color, in Shinto zhengfangdouyan, red. Yellow, green, purple, orange…… Beautiful brilliant purples and reds. If you want to find a reason to fall in love with Nanjing, it is really too easy, the ancient capital city of history and culture, whether it is the Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Confucius temple and the ancient city wall, the city of Nanjing every hour and moment are full of vicissitudes of history, although in recent years the city of Nanjing to be busy at putting up installations, slowly lost the charm of the ancient capital. But his long history and heritage still exists in the minor of the ancient capital of the six dynasties. When the autumn comes, the people of Nanjing will invite 35 friends came to the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum road stone Shinto, to feel the Royal Stone Road sketch have a unique style of autumn. Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum from the east to the northwest extension of Shinto, Shinto section are arranged on both sides of the road, Xiezhi, lion camel, elephant, kylin, horse 6 stone animals, each of the 2, a total of 12 to 24, each with two kneel, to greet him, the animal reflects the etiquette requires the royal mausoleum, the a message: the lion is the king of beasts, that Imperial Majesty, it is a symbol of imperial power, but also plays a role of evil magic town Xiezhi; mettle Zhongzhi, right from wrong, it can use horns guilty; the camel is the symbol of the desert and tropical, says Daming’s vast territory, the emperor Wei Zhen Quartet four strong legs; the elephant, is absolutely beasts as solid as rocks, giant, on behalf of the Jiangshan firm; kylin is four for the first time, it was covered with grass, scales, shoes do not eat this creature, Nairen beast, the male called Qi, a female named lin, A symbol of righteousness and auspicious light, Jun; Ma, in ancient times is an important reason, the emperor horse unified jiangshan. 6 stone animals Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Shinto, as is the largest, weighing 80 tons, so it is now called Shinto stone road, a total length of 615 meters. After 600 years of vicissitudes of the Shinto stone like Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum Road, 12 of the animal with a red beech, yellow ginkgo, orange brown, Sapium sebiferum, Platanus evergreen juniper, enchanting colorful leaves are like beautiful clothes to dress like these trees, let fall the stone like a road full of color, so the autumn stone road, known as Nanjing’s most beautiful 600 meters. The scenery does not stay passer-by, still waiting for you every time after, in this colorful autumn, don’t let the beauty from your eyes easily across, and TA romantic embrace, together immersed in the painting, now most want to do is to use the camera fixed this beautiful moment, leaving the eternal memories. [practical tips] this group of pictures taken in October 10, 2016, stone road most sections of the leaves have not changed, there is small but the leaves have changed color, especially in the period of stone road intersection (gate 1 in), there is a statue on the lawn beside the road, there is also a part of the leaves are yellow red the more surprising is the aerial footage from shows that those plants like stone road.相关的主题文章: