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Loans You have planned to buy his property but unfortunately, there has been some stalling in the sale process of your previous property. Now you are racing against time but are short of the capital required. At such times, short term bridging loans can help you out. Short term bridging loans are secured loans that can help you buy the property of your choice. They do this by filling in the cash gap that might occur between the sale of an existing property and the purchase of a new one. The property may be either residential or .mercial. Collateral is also pledged in the form of property. There are two ways of availing these loans. Which option you can choose depends upon the progress you have made in the sale of your existing property: Closed short term bridging loans You may avail the loan under this option if you have already finalized the sale of your existing property with a buyer. Open short term bridging loans If you have not been able to find a buyer for your existing property as yet or if the sale process has not been .pleted, then this form is the option for you. The interest rate is a bit higher under this option. Short term bridging loans are loan schemes dealing with really huge amounts of principal due to the nature of the requirement. The amount that you can avail under this loan can go as high as 10 million depending upon the equity value of your collateral. During the term that lasts for only 1-12 months, you have to pay the interest. You can pay back the principal after the .pletion of this term or as soon as the sale of your existing property has been .pleted. Short term bridging loans ensure that you do not lose out on any property purchase as they are approved really fast. However, such timely service .es at the cost of high interest rates. you will have to collect various free quotes through online applications in order to .pare the offers and select affordable ones. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: