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Shouguang Caoxian judge beaten around the criminal case lawyer requested the procuratorial supervision – Beijing "Shouguang Caoxian judge beaten" thing into a criminal case in Caoxian a local leader accused the intervention of judicial activities – reporter Jiang Dongliang Xu Peng today, concern Shandong Shouguang court judge Caoxian beaten event has the latest progress. Caoxian Government Information Office official micro-blog said that the case has been transferred to criminal investigation, has now controlled the suspect 4 people. Recently, a judge on duty was hit more than 30 people, local officials suspected of providing protection for criminals information in a number of well-known legal public numbers and circle of friends crazy pass, detonated the public opinion. Broke the news that the two executive judges Shouguang court was performed in Heze Caoxian Shandong Properties Limited sequestrator BRIC bank account, was executed by more than 30 people. Subsequently, the police will go to the disposal of the judge to bring the local government in the development of the headquarters of the person in charge of the establishment of the headquarters, met with Han Baoliang, vice chairman of the CPPCC Caoxian. Han Baoliang said, Shouguang court’s decision is wrong, and said: "two of you bad luck, I see you in Shouguang, who would dare to court." The reporter learned that the incident involving the Shouguang City Court with private lending disputes, the plaintiff is Li Fenghua, Shandong Real Estate Co. Ltd is one of the brics. In September 14th, the reporter contacted the Weifang City, Shandong Province Higher People’s court and the intermediate people’s court and the court of the relevant responsible person in Shouguang city. It is understood that the relevant departments have been involved in the investigation. The executive was hit the reporter learned that Li Fenghua broke the news of the event. At the same time, he is also the case for the application executor. In September 8th, Li Fenghua and Liu Yuxin, Shouguang City Court Court judges Song Kuigong, Li Yanxiang, to the city of Heze Caoxian Rural Commercial Bank branch victory. Two judges seized by the executive process of bank accounts in Shandong BRIC Ltd., the implementation of more than 30 people broke into the bank, and asked the judge hit two judges to "command". The reporter saw surveillance video from the business is at the window the judge was suddenly people pushing, pulling, was forced away to the customer waiting area. Then, some people began the siege of the judge, some roll neck, some drag drag, and hold the judge from behind to pull, are labeled as the BRIC home general manager Wang Xifeng who directly hand hit the head judge. The whole process hit more than 20 minutes. After the local police rushed to the scene disposal. In the disposal of the police, there are 1 people to judge and pull the little finger. Reporters learned that, during the disposal of the police, some people asked two cases of judges and Li Fenghua, Liu Yuxin to command processing, was rejected by the two judges. Li Fenghua and Liu Yuxin were taken to the headquarters. Finally, the two judges in Li Fenghua, "you do not come, I can not go," the call, rushed to the command". Li Fenghua said in the report, the Shandong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Caoxian in the local development of the local government set up a command stationed, urging the progress of the project, including the Caoxian CPPCC Vice Chairman Han Baoliang相关的主题文章: