Sichuan contract ha ha combination to complete the new season, the introduction of foreign aid work-月丘うさぎ

Sichuan contract "Ha combination" to complete the new season foreign aid work in the introduction of new network reporter (reporter Song Xiang) Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned yesterday, last season with the Sichuan team of foreign aid Harris agreed a new contract with the Sichuan team. So far, the Sichuan team has completed the introduction of foreign aid work in the new season. Prior to their success with the Iran center Hadadi contract. By Harris Hadadi and Deng Dortmund, consisting of "Deng ha combination" is the biggest reason for the Sichuan team won the championship last season. But at the end of the season after the Sichuan team made it clear that they will not aid the defender and Deng Dortmund renewed, Deng Dortmund in last season is not stable, he is going to play in the Turkey league. As for Harris and Hadadi, Sichuan is a relatively strong intention to renew the contract. In the past few months, the Sichuan team and two foreign aid communication is very good. They finished with Hadadi’s contract in the end of last month when. Hadadi played his best season since joining CBA last season, but also won the finals most valuable player award, which is why the Sichuan team decided to use a foreign aid quota to sign back to Hadadi. Hadadi also wanted to return to the Sichuan team, he rejected the Turkey League club two years of Farenair Pace price, also declined the invitation of NBA team. After the end of last season, Harris’s outstanding performance has naturally attracted the attention of other teams, they have made contact with Harris, and provides a contract offer. But the Sichuan team has the option of Harris, and they for renewal of Harris also showed great sincerity, but Harris also believes that the Sichuan team is also the ideal choice, so Harris agreed a new contract with the Sichuan team in the near future.相关的主题文章: