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Sichuan short-term travel outing near heating   around the theme of the show hot – Sichuan channel — original title: Sichuan short tour around the theme of the show last outing warming hot October 6th, the reporter learned from the province to the tourism sector, as tourists continue to return, the province’s major scenic tourist accommodation began to decline, but the peak travel to suburban travel, short-term travel warming. At the same time, a variety of wonderful performances attracted a large number of visitors. Short trips, suburban travel, rural tourism continued fiery. 6, Guang’an tourists are still self driving tourists, self-help tourists, in addition to local tourists, the surrounding Dazhou, Nanchong has become the main source of tourists. On the same day, Deng Xiaoping’s hometown tourist area, Huayingshan tourist area, Huayingshan Providence valley area, dragon hill Stone City, Ba Bai Ping – Dragon rural tourism resort, a treasure plug tourist area a total of 67 thousand and 565 tourists trips; Wenjiang Park tourists 30 thousand passengers, an increase of 28.21%. Sancha Lake scenic area, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Zhaojue temple, Dongli Juyuan scenic tourists were 10 thousand passengers, 20 thousand passengers. In the city of Deyang’s major attractions crowded and Stone Park, East Lake mountain park to attract tourists to visit the city and surrounding counties. Performances around the theme to attract tourists. On the evening of 6, Langzhong nanjinguan town The Strip, an "Wonderland" large mobile virtual performances take visitors back to thousands of years ago a great deal. "The roar, flags fluttering, too shocked." And friends came from Chengdu tourists Zheng Jun said. It is understood that during the golden week, nanjinguan town night held two "Wonderland" timing rose large mobile virtual performances, but for large quantities to meet the needs of tourists, the 2 day, 5 days every night that A. (reporter Zhao Shuangchen Zhu Li) original title: a short tour around the theme of the show last outing warming (hot commissioning editor: Luo Juan, Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: