Sichuan women trafficked to Shandong Jiaozhou after 28 years is still the black – in the new network-borderland

Sichuan women trafficked to Shandong Jiaozhou after 28 years is still the "black" – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 12th news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that the mention of the word abducted, anger, sympathy and various mood might come to our mind, and for the abducted sellers over time. Over time, more consideration is how to compromise may survive. Sichuan woman Cai Guanlan trafficked to Qingdao in Jiaozhou for 28 years, suffered the greatest distress is now her own no account. Because there is no account, Cai Guanlan does not enjoy the medical cooperation policy, go to the hospital without an ID card is not a doctor, her husband Li Fangyuan said, the son also miss the soldier opportunity: 60 year old Li Fangyuan Jiaozhou Jiaolai town Cao Ge Zhuang people, 49 year old Cai Guanlan from distant Sichuan, this kind of trouble with Cai Guanlan 28 years ago that rough and twists and turns of the relevant experience. That year, 21 year old Cai Guanlan to go to the market, because the stranger handed me drink a bowl of sweet water, unexpectedly sleepwalk cheated on the train. Found himself being abducted, Cai Guanlan several times to escape, or even commit suicide, but without success, who after many, she will be sold to the Jiao Lai Zhen Cao Ge Zhuang, ran a few times have been arrested, and beaten, Cai Guanlan scared, finally here. That year, Li Fang in thirty, because the poor at home has not marry a wife. The old mother put all sorts of things together, spent 5000 dollars, Cai Guanlan bought from the hands of the traffickers. At first, because the language, habits and other aspects of the differences, the couple often quarrel. Two years later, Cai Guanlan gave birth to a boy. At this time, the Shandong Yanzhou police according to human trafficking cases, looking over, we can help her to find his family, but Cai Guanlan was reluctant to leave the baby in the child, the family gave up looking for the best opportunity. As in the past more than and 20 years, the son grew up, life is getting better and better, the family had also had the real car. Today, Cai Guanlan has nearly fifty years, but no account, bring a lot of inconvenience, her greatest wish is not only settled, want to know, in Sichuan mountain in the family? Cai Guanlan recalls, his hometown in Sichuan Daping mountains, father Cai Shunyin, mother is called Chen Tianhui, two sisters and two brothers at home. She can’t read, her family and her name can’t write, there’s no phone at home." Reporters after the inquiry found that there is a village near Chengdu Dayi County fog Shan, reporters call the director of the village, the village director said hill there is village, but no one family surnamed Cai, nor the name of Cai Shunyin. The reporter also contacted several other Sichuan also called Daping Township, but have no clue. No family information, Cai Guanlan account can not handle it? The reporter found Jiaozhou Madian station. Police said Cai Guanlan is likely to be abducted after many arrived in Jiaozhou, in the past a long time, and the people died of CAI Guanlan two ", later to find a." Police said, 3 years ago Madian station began to think of ways to help Cai Guanlan find the domicile, but traced to Yanzhou line"相关的主题文章: