Sign the truth less abuse depends on the freak lion taming (Figure)

Sign the truth: less abuse depends on the freak lion taming (Figure) with the big lion completely after I sent a wind, the lion immediately soft down, then all of my being, I won’t push for his friend’s dinner, who knows the lion but more actively, also drunk…… Sina users love to say the collapse of the rice cake Sina constellation under abuse depends on the lion and the lion’s tame cold war and a half, the reason is very simple to start everything from my gastritis. Half a month ago, I gastritis made, tell him directly after, will no longer meet, occasionally the contact will say you are busy, huh, is really ridiculous, so slowly, I even heard him say busy interest is all gone. And I had the urge to think for the first time in five months. I also do, more let himself not to contact, for a long time, the more able to read a lot. After thinking, suddenly found that the five months of their own in the end what to do? In fact, is not that he loves him more than he loves himself? Doing so tired, anxious to dig out of the heart to others, people are not the reason to accept my good for him, and not to respond to everything! I feel like I’m fucking cheap, I don’t want to be like this. So the day before yesterday, I decided to talk to him, for you at it, I also do not intend to go so tired, the conversation is not easy, because he is not willing to say, in his words, he said, would rather not say, is not willing to listen to my nagging there. I completely freak, eight degree sound directly to him in the past, I also don’t care, love it, anyway, what I said is the truth, I put him in the five months of my state, and I did to his all fall out. I don’t want to go to his face and go to injustice. He also counter me at the beginning but later, he only heard, I feel I am right, because I said is all he has done to me. When I finished, he opened his mouth, his voice softened, and asked me, "what do you think?" I am not afraid, and asked him: "the key is what you want, want to be good at the key to you!" He came up and said, "if I don’t want to……" Before he finished, I said directly: "you do not have to ask what rhetorical questions, would like to have a good answer directly on the line, do not make so ambiguous.". Silent seconds, he said loudly: "want to good". I went on to say, "that’s fine, then you’ll be fine." then I didn’t want to hang up the phone. Back home, I was thinking: love Zha Zha, anyway, no matter how he, I should say, and the rest is his performance. I have decided that I won’t live so humble, even Leos have the characters, that doesn’t mean we Sagittarius people have reservations. Love is not who’s afraid of, is not who forced who, love is mutual trust and respect. On the second day at noon after work, I did not think about friends for dinner, he phoned me to offer my dinner, I directly rejected, I told him, I have an appointment, but this five months since my first?相关的主题文章: