Singapore a woman lied to help migrant workers find jobs for victims of Chinese – Beijing

Singapore a woman lied to help migrant workers find jobs for victims of Chinese – Beijing Chinese overseas network on 25 October, according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" Singapore reported that a woman claimed in the NGO "friendship house", also said that his son is a senior police officer, to defraud more than migrant workers, lied to to help their families and friends to find a job, a total of 38620 yuan defrauding. The defendant Zheng Meixia (63 years old, transliteration) yesterday (24 days) admitted 12 fraud charges, her tears in court in favor, ask the judge lenient sentence, but the judge said that the defendant committed a serious crime, and the defendant said the case bottom is numerous, to his surprise, finally sentenced her to 20 months in jail. The incident was "the friendship house" (Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics, referred to as HOME) of the volunteers, she is in the period from 2013 to 2016 crimes, many victims are Chinese. The case shows that the defendant and a Chinese guest worker (47 years old) are introduced in a friend’s introduction, the defendant said that if you need help to find her. On September 2013, the call being deceived, she lied to the restaurant is recruiting employees, she can assist victims of family or friends to find a job, as long as they are willing to pay. The defendant said in "the friendship house", is the son of senior police officers, in order to win the trust. The defendant and some people even show her photo, and told the victims she also recognized the United States Embassy of the people. The victim for gospel truth 5 in the same month, to pay 6000 yuan to the defendant. The defendant, who was arrested in a number of cases, was charged with a court of state where she committed two other cases during the period from December to February of this year, between the time of last year and the end of last year, in which she was on bail for the first time in the year of January. According to the case, the woman cheated (34 years old) that the defendant can help her husband and the other seven people in India to find a job, before and after the payment of the first time, the first time 2580 yuan, the second time 15580 yuan. In February 25th this year, the defendant fled to China wanted, and in July 23 net sunset. Prosecutor Wadi Vala Gan Deputy public prosecutor said, there are many people cheated, mostly migrant workers, they are weak, they want to work in Singapore, make life better, the defendant has cheated out of their savings. The defendant has not yet made compensation. In addition, the accused of breach of trust, she premeditated crimes, and her case bottom is numerous, and had fled the suspects jumped bail. The official said that the defendant has a number of cases such as fraud and theft, this time, must be severely punished. (Hou Qixiang)相关的主题文章: