Singapore team players won the 2016 Poyang Lake International Cycling Championship

The Singapore team wins 2016 ring Poyang Lake International Cycling champion – Beijing, Beijing, Ganzhou, September 23, (Liu Zhankun Wu Pengquan) for a period of 12 days of the 2016 session of the Seventh Central Poyang Lake International Cycling Race 23, ending in Jiangxi Shangyou County of Ganzhou City, from Singapore team player Gro Shelley rion won the contest championship. From the 11 contest held this month 12 days to 23 days in the province of Yichun Jiujiang Jing’an, Wuning, Nanchang high tech Zone, Jingdezhen Leping, Shangrao Hengfeng, Fuzhou, Yingtan, Mount Longhu Dream Lake Jiangkou Reservoir in Xinyu, Pingxiang Wugong Mountain, Ji’an Wugong Mountain, Ganzhou Shangyou Anfu, race 1358.7 kilometers, transit mileage of 1733 kilometers, the total mileage of 3091.7 km. The same day, 2016 of the seventh session of the Poyang Lake International bicycle competition last stop in Jiangxi City, Ganzhou Shangyou County start firing, from China, America, France, Australia and other more than and 30 countries and regions, more than 120 cyclists compete in this occupation. The picture is the competition scene. Photo by Wu Jun after nearly 3 hours of intense competition, the Australian team player Enke Alex? Frame first past the end point, won the final race champion. But with the previous station performance ranking advantage, team player Gro Shelley rion from Singapore, with 11 stations a total score of 32 hours 25 minutes and 35 seconds to win the championship contest. The reporter also learned that the contest group total score list was Columbia Blair team to occupy, "best Chinese athletes" honors by the Hongkong team rider Zhou Keqiang won the quickener. Poyang Lake International bicycle race is an international sports event hosted by the Jiangxi provincial government, the first game on 2010 before the annual session. The racing line in Poyang Lake China largest freshwater lake as the center of radiation, the province’s 11 districts, showing the game along the way, the beautiful mountains and rivers charming natural scenery. (end)相关的主题文章: