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Singlekidney mangnv perennial flower self skin hardens difficult to press the needle (Figure) since the age of 12, for the treatment of diabetes, Hao Yexuan every day for their insulin injections. Hao Ye and his mother rented in a dark room is 10 square meters in less. Hao Yexuan’s mother riding an electric car to send her to the hospital dialysis. Original title: singlekidney mangnv flower self-help Shanxi girl Hao Yexuan young body is like a battlefield, where thousands of pinhole recording her struggle with the disease death. Over the past 31 years, peripheral neuritis, diabetes, uremia, blindness and other ailments like a tornado mercilessly rolled her youth, leaving her with a painful memories. Hao Yexuan’s parents took her around to a number of Taiyuan, Beijing hospital for treatment, spent nearly one million yuan. Originally not a wealthy family now as pour as a church mouse, indebted. In order to continue to fight disease, she took to the streets to raise money flower caused social concern. – born only a single kidney kidney in late October, the winter is not coming, Taiyuan minimum temperature dropped to 3 degrees Celsius, one after another, with the cold rain, rain filled every corner of the city. Hao Yexuan lying on the bed, withered wood arm stretched out the quilt, dark red blood with the hose from the weak body outflow, into a cold dialysis machine, again lost to the body of Hao Yexuan. Since 2010, the body can no longer fight against the pain caused by renal failure, Hao Yexuan has been relying on this machine instead of the failure of the kidney, the completion of the blood purification. Recently, Hao Yexuan always remembered the old days. The sun hit the green leaves, the wind blowing from the ear, she and her classmates riding through the forest, the forest wafted with laughter. Remember those few days Hao Yexuan light of heart from care, blind face exudes a shallow smile. In the winter of 1985, Hao Yexuan was born in Shanxi city of Lvliang Province, Shilou County home, weighing only three pounds, cold, stomach bulging boss, do not cry no milk. Grandma took off his clothes to hold the baby in his arms, warm for a day and a night, the child’s body temperature returned to normal. She was born the first cry is not louder than other babies late a lot. But it just ushered in the first daughter of the family, this is not much of a surprise, the young parents seem to have said do not understand what is accidental, the child legs alive is a happy event. Mother Linai Hao Wei recalled, Yexuan after birth has been "sick of disaster", once fell into the pot burned, do foot skin graft surgery to heal, then got hepatitis, mumps and other diseases. 7 years old after school, Hao Yexuan slim figure, particularly easy to drink, drink water and can not hold back urine, a class of 45 minutes can not hold down." In this case, as the age grows more and more serious. "The child occasionally mention, but I don’t know anything, her father and perennial outside. The child is sick, we find a local doctor to see, eat the medicine will be better, but over time will have a new disease." Young Hao Yexuan do not know what they have suffered, and do not care, has been living carefree, and small partners happily playing. Two相关的主题文章: