Singular doctor 1104 simultaneous release volume

"Strange" 1104 simultaneous release of Dr. Sherlock China propaganda Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 10th news, issued by the China film, Chinese Marvel studios production, Disney pictures produced the superhero blockbuster "Doctor Strange" (Doctor Strange) domestic scheduled November 4th (Friday) released simultaneously with North America, China special edition trailers and posters be exposed. As a new marvel series movie masterpiece, "Sherlock" by Benedict · Conboy Baki (Benedict Cumberbatch) starring the "strange doctor" will show a stunning scene find everything fresh and new visual effects, make the fans will subvert the marvel movie universe for cognition. At the same time, Disney pictures also officially announced, the film starring Benedict · Cumberbatch, actress Tilda · Swinton (Tilda Swinton), directed by Scott · Derek Sen (Scott Derrickson) in October 16th will be held in Shanghai to attend the red carpet and fan meeting and other public activities. As a new series of Marvel films in the universe, "Dr." will explore the singular boundaries and dimension has never been involved in the show, hide, turn over the time illusion thousands of subversive imagination magical world for everyone. Movie actor "doctor strange strange" is an important role in Marvel third stage, was a surgeon, he lost the ability to live in after the car accident, for the treatment of hands, strange to set foot on the exotic journey, journey of adventure made him have extraordinary magic of the Supreme Master, and the use of their own ability to defend the world against the forces of the dark. Today released the latest version of the trailer to carry out special Chinese film "through the infinite dimensions, to subvert the boundaries of time and space" theme, its cool visual effects and the earth move, reverse the world shock effect like the "Inception" mix and match "the matrix"; while New York allure subversion, twisted into two halves and other scenes of skyscrapers is full of new ideas, new. In this film, the super hero is no longer with super powers or high-tech angry, but can use mana Fanshou for cloud, rain cover for the hand, fingertips Armageddon, not only greatly expands the marvel movie boundaries of the universe, and absolutely can make the audience eye-opening. With the release China moderator posters above upside down city including New York, London, Kathmandu and Hongkong for the grand background, Doctor Strange side side scurry cast mana, serious facial expression cold, can be seen in his duel in this battle the enemy is not so busy people, curious and full of expectation. The future of Shanghai in October 16th for "creative" Doctor Strange propaganda including director Scott · Derek Sen, two starring Benedict ·, Tilda · Conboy Baki; Swinton. Among them, with the popular British drama "detective Sherlock" popular "Sherlock Benedict" · Cumberbatch in China has a huge number of loyal)相关的主题文章: