Sino Russian military exercises near the end of the two sides or exchange of experience with nuclear-winfast

Sino Russian military exercises in the South China Sea near the end of the exchange of nuclear submarines or experience with the data figure: September 16th, China’s navy helicopter carrier on the distress of merchant drowning personnel rescue. Original title: Russia and the South China Sea exercises near the end of Sino Russian Exchange or deal with attack submarine experience of international online reports (reporter Li Meng): 12 days in Guangdong Zhanjiang kicked off the Sino Russian joint maritime – 2016 "military exercises is nearing completion. Through the highlight of the actual combat and more confrontational exercises, joint cooperation between the two navies of China and Russia are more and more closely, the degree of deepening mutual trust. The South China Sea Fleet deputy commander Yu Manjiang said earlier that the exercise is conducive to deepen pragmatic cooperation in the Sino Russian military, is conducive to promoting construction of the army and the ability of great political significance and military value. That military observer Wei Dongxu to accept international online interview, the largest joint training aspect and highlights, is to combat the increasingly high degree, and the two sides of the joint training and joint exercises understanding is also more and more strong. He said, in the exercise of them, there are two subjects of great concern, is combined with stereo seize control of reefs and joint anti submarine. This had not appeared in the joint naval exercises between China and Russia, it can be said that this subject is very difficult. The key word is "three-dimensional" and "seize control". "Stereo" refers to the troops took control of the three-dimensional islands. The Russian Navy sent a large dock landing ship and transport ships to send troops. At sea level, through the joint anti submarine can also make China Navy benefit. According to Wei Dongxu, Chinese Navy type 071 dock landing ship, amphibious assault vehicle can be deployed and troop carriers, including assault boats to send Marines to attack the beachhead. At the same time, amphibious infantry tanks and assault vehicles can also provide direct fire support for the marines. The Russian Navy sent toad class landing ship also dispatched some wheeled armored vehicles, including its officers and Marines, so two Marines can form mixed formation, play their respective advantages in the landing or seizing islands when in the process, learn from each other and some other tactics good tactical action, do make. Chinese type 071 landing ship will use 8 helicopter straight to the other beachhead or to send troops to the rear position, formed after the attack, the use of helicopters and amphibious assault vehicles and boats, which integrated air and amphibious combat forces, so reflects the three-dimensional. Data figure: September 16th, China Mount Huangshan navy ship and the Russian warship admiral Terry boots "anti submarine fleet to Sea exercises said Wei Dongxu, another key word is" take control". "Take control" refers to an island, not only to implement the delivery of troops and deployment, but also the normalization of the defense in full control, the surrounding fire, such as ships and aviation also to the island as the core, the organization defense force, this shows that the Russian navy for a perimeter defense of the island. The concern of a subject is joint anti submarine. The Russian Navy sent a large anti submarine Dreadnought including two destroyers. Although say.相关的主题文章: