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SKT from LSPL LSPL in the end is hiring Junior League – who Sina hero alliance zone recently, South Korea announced a list of the Kespa cup, team personnel among them, the road SKT player Profit for the original LSPL League YG team single player. That is to say, the black after SKT again hiring from LSPL. And this recruit also let a lot of people came up with a strange idea: LSPL in the end who is the secondary League? LPL LCK from LSPL LCK in forsaken people is not the first time, we are most familiar with black Blank, except Blank, KT in FLY and YG. The original single in single player. Today, Profit has also been recruited by SKT. And it is worth mentioning that, LCK recruit these people, in the performance of LSPL is not good. 2016LSPL in the spring season, YG due to the poor performance of direct relegation, eventually disbanded; and although black boarded the LPL stage, but in the heart of everyone, he is only a Insec substitute for such a label. But it is these in China frustrated people, the LCK has become a mainstay of the team after. The 2016LCK summer season, FLY is known as a single hand to the Dragon King, even once played Faker the snake woman have some stretched; and black is on the MSI League and proved himself, holding SKT starting playing field position. Although the performance of the S6 some disappointing, but to start a season as a starter, has proved his strength. This phenomenon is worth pondering: why LPL died in abandoned LCK was able to mix of wind? The reason is simple, LCK prefer to put the right people in the right place, while LPL is keen to take the wrong people to adapt to the game. In short, LCK is handsome, and LPL is more like. How important are the reserves? This time, after joining SKT Profit, the Kespa cup became the first direct, but also a new helper. Such a lineup, it is clear to cultivate new. Because of LCK this commitment to training the new style, we will see the LCK division every year there will be numerous new come out. Then again… People will be feeling strong contestants: LCK! LCK players really strong? Why the LPL will quickly become "fishing", have forsaken and why is LPL to LCK has become a mainstay? Does it mean that the strength of LSPL players is higher than LPL? This is obviously wrong… In my opinion, the reason why LCK new year out, the biggest reason is that they attach importance to talent reserves. Take a look at the LCK option: SKT after Marin left, has been with South Korea’s four largest single title of Duke, then introduced black. In the league, he sat in the first place; while SSG is more simply. S4 period.相关的主题文章: