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Small traders of the free world _ culture _ [Abstract]20 century ago, local officials rarely control market, market, vendors and shops, which give people a chance to share this space, residents as far as they can use the street. Author: Wang flute (Tencent · US columnist, Macao University Department of history professor.) In traditional Chinese cities, although the basic function of the street is still traffic, but it is also widely used for free market and leisure space. At least as early as the Song Dynasty, Chinese city commercial activity is very active in Chengdu, as China Western business most prosperous city, the streets outside the shop is in addition to the most important commercial space, but also has rich cultural and Commercial Street commercial development. In ancient Chengdu, they formed a street monthly City, which has become an important commercial street and celebration, people can participate in 12 months in a year, city, city, city flower market, silkworm, Jin Fan, Xiang City, city, city, Bao GUI medicine, wine, Plum City, Taofu city. Although we do not know the origin of the moon city, but this street market in the Yuan Dynasty with the fee of the "year of China" in this Jili spectrum will have a vivid description: "Chengdu tourism Sheng, in West sichuan. Cover big fan, and vulgar entertainment. Every prefecture age group ride from chaos, car service fresh China, need access to advocacy, hold guide. The Quartet acrobatics, magic strange variety. In order to before, from folk music. Years of age have a period, that the story. And then up shinv, cloth Xuan Yutian road service, help the aged and the young, frolic." At the end of the Qing dynasty literati Qing Yu wrote "Chengdu city Zhuzhici 24, every month in the first, a vivid description of the monthly grand commercial activities. These activities reflect the prosperity of the business and the rich business culture. As a Zhuzhici described: "city of flowers, not to, where not to meet in the spring breeze." In the city, the most bustling market, when the spring comes, flowers site of Qingyang Temple is full of tourists, as a Zhuzhici said: "the Qingyang Temple in February, will be more people like ants." Along the Jinjiang River, pedestrians, carriages, a florist Shetan sold hundreds in a continuous line, a variety of exotic flowers and rare herbs. Chengdu people love flowers, when the flower comes, "Qingyang small flower day, He Xi wrapped around the waist one hundred thousand money". Flowers especially attracting women, such a day like a holiday for them, Zhuzhici in women "boudoir night told husband, Ming buy head lotus". Flowers will actually become a commodity fair, where goods should be colored mountains". 1911 Chengdu traditional flowers and encourage the commodity manufacturing industry had to be held merger, the photographs of American Na Aide (Luther Knight) taken in addition to these special fairs, Chengdu residents of the street into the daily market. Merchants and hawkers sell goods on the street without any restrictions. Some of the streets into a specialized market, such as salt, fish, cotton, ceramic, pig, bull, fruit, flower, wood, etc., according to the observation of a westerner, "different transactions respectively occupy their own space, some street by a carpenter shop, shop, boots, embroidery, Fur Vintage, silk, etc. were flooded with foreign goods". Shamao Street operates a variety of costume outfits, so there are actors.相关的主题文章: