Small truck climbing acrobatics, front wheels suspended nearly 1 meters (video)-aptana studio

A small truck climbing the acrobatics front suspension of nearly 1 meters (September 15th) yesterday afternoon, a small truck traveling to Hechuan Majiagou auto center an uphill road, because the cargo of super long and super high, resulting in a small truck suddenly raised "strike", high tilt the front, hanging in the air about 1 meters before the round they, like a horse horse, a small truck and car tail was long goods at the top of the ground, looking very dangerous. Around 5 p.m., patrol to Hechuan Majiagou automobile and motorcycle center section, patrol police just met "acrobatics" small truck. With the help of the patrol officer, the master of the pickup truck shifted the loaded billboard, and the truck lifted the car back to normal. At the same time, the traffic patrol officer punished the driver of the truck according to the road traffic safety regulations. According to the truck driver master Wei introduced, he was carrying a billboard, due to the long, high, at the time when climbing a motorcycle suddenly have passed, he reflexively stepped on the brakes, resulting in the vehicle back, head up, frighten him to stall, the parking brake, then jump get off to find a brick car rear pad, to prevent the vehicle back. Here, the traffic police also remind drivers, in the loading and transportation of goods, must be in accordance with the road traffic safety laws and regulations, is strictly prohibited ultra long, ultra wide, ultra high and overload, in order to prevent traffic accidents. (Hechuan Taiwan Tang Jie) editor note: this video has nothing to do with the content of the article, only to expand the reading of a truck in Hanzhoung after climbing lag, causing a dead five injured

小货车爬坡“耍杂技” 前轮悬空近1米昨天(9月15号)下午,一小货车行驶至合川马家沟汽摩中心一上坡路段时,因为装载的货物超长、超高,导致小货车突然抬起“前蹄”,车头高高翘起,前轮悬在空中约1米高,就像一匹奋蹄的骏马,而小货车的车尾被超长的货物顶在地面上,看上去非常危险。下午5点左右,巡逻至合川马家沟汽摩中心路段交巡警正好碰到“耍杂技”的小货车。在交巡警的帮助下,小货车师傅找来工人对装载的广告牌进行了转移,小货车抬起的车头才恢复正常。同时,交巡警依据道路交通安全法规对小货车驾驶员进行了教育处罚。据小货车驾驶员魏师傅介绍,他装载的是广告牌,由于超长、超高,当时上坡时突然一辆摩托车从前面驶过,他条件反射式的踩了一脚刹车,结果导致车辆后仰,车头高高抬起,吓得他赶紧熄火,拉紧手刹,随后跳下车找来砖头将车后轮垫起,防止车辆后退。在此,交巡警也提醒各位驾驶员,在装载运输货物的时候,一定要按照道路交通安全法的法规,严禁超长、超宽、超高和超载,以预防交通事故的发生。(合川台 唐 杰)编者注:本视频与文章内容无关,仅供扩展阅读 汉中一货车爬坡时后滞 造成一死五伤相关的主题文章: