South Korean swimming team events continue to simmer the head coach resignation + police interventio-mcncc

Korean swimming team coach videotaping the event continues to ferment the resignation of the police involved in the Korean media exposure + Korean female locker room men’s swimming team was photographed according to Xinhua News Agency reported that South Korea’s national swimming team coach Ann developed in August 31st announced his resignation. At the same time, South Korean police on two South Korean swimming team before the men’s team in the women’s locker room to install candid equipment investigation continues. In 2012, An Zhongze was appointed South Korean national swimming team coach, for the locker room videotaping occurred in their tenure and resign. Pu Shengzhu, President of the South Korean Olympic Committee, said that although the resignation of Mr An Zhongze, but insisted that he and South Korea’s national swimming team other coaches on the incident and did not know the case of male players. Candid incident occurred in 2013. At that time, two South Korean national swimming team in the middle of a male training center in South Korea, a female dressing room to install videotaping equipment, recorded video. South Korean police have launched an investigation on the identity of the two men, not yet open. Yonhap said, two male athletes attended the two Asian Games and the 2012 London Olympics, but only one person in the just concluded Olympic Games in rio. According to South Korean police said, did not participate in the Olympic Games in Rio before the South Korean national swimming team admitted that male players, together with another person involved in the installation of videotaping equipment. They abandoned the videotaping device after getting the video. But for this argument, another person involved denied. South Korean police have not checked the computer players pleaded guilty, is being analyzed whether candid video upload network. South Korean Olympic Committee has also launched an independent investigation into the incident candid. Pu Shengzhu said that the South Korean Olympic Committee at the end of August has been to the training base and training base in Seoul sent a group of experts to check whether the existence of other videotaping equipment hidden, but after investigation, no other similar probe found.  相关的主题文章: