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Sports-and-Recreation Sportspersons take intense physical training to develop their skills, learn new techniques and understand the rule of the games. With physical training they also take behavioral lessons to keep their temper cool, maintain calm and use think positive even in adverse conditions. Behavioral training is a part of Sports Psychology that has been little known until recently. Need for behavioral training has been felt by every player and this is evident from many incidences when team managers had to rush to .fort depressed players. Sporting events have ceased to be recreational activities. Today teams take each other as adversaries and a match is considered a war between two countries. Also the players are battle ready to go to any extreme to win trophies. Everyone knows that one out of two teams win. Whether it is an individual match or a team game, one has to lose. The loser is seen with contempt. He feels discouraged and sometimes he starts crying on the ground. Losing a game shouldnt discourage one from playing but in reality it does. It is where individual players and teams need psychological help. Behavioral training prepares players and teams for games. One should be mentally prepared to accept defeat. Sports psychology is the science of preparing sportspersons for a game. Behavioral training helps players collect what skills they have learnt in physical training sessions. When you can maintain calm, you can focus your energy on positive thinking and your well being. A sportsperson could put his best efforts only when he doesnt think about winning or losing a game. Behavioral training is provided by experienced psychologists, who understand the need of the sports. Training starts with personal interaction and continues with discussing the strengths and weaknesses of players. The players discuss their likings and disliking with their trainers. The psychologists, on the other hand, solve the grievances of the players by counseling. Sports psychology is about making players mentally strong so that they could take challenges. Sports psychology isnt an academic subject that you could read in schools and colleges. Also it isnt a medicine or therapy as you might consider. It is a part of sports training but it is different from physical training. Players get physical coaching in groups but for behavioral training, they take individual lessons. In the training, players learn to over.e their short.ings. They are taught to perform while following the rules of the game, respecting fellow players and accepting the decisions of the referees. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: