Ssangyong agents Chu Hui group will debut in Guangzhou China pigeon blood

Ssangyong agents Chu Hui group will also be unveiled at the Guangzhou conference field figure domestic? August 30, 2016, South Korea imported car brand SsangYong Chinese and Chu Hui Ssangyong group jointly held a press conference in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, interesting within the creative community. In the conference site, Ssangyong Chinese general manager Mr. Wang Zhihong and Chu Hui group chairman Mr. Zhang Yantao jointly announced to the media Chu Hui group officially became the Ssangyong general agent in Southern China region. After the media interview, Mr. Wang Zhihong also disclosed to the media the localization will Ssangyong: will be domestic, but still in the preliminary investigation, the specific time is uncertain. The guest interviews the conference site, first through a review of the sand painting performance of Ssangyong development course of 60 years. As has been focused on professional SUV and diesel engine development and production of the car brand, Ssangyong Motor are renowned and respected in the world. From the equatorial region of Southeast Asia and Latin America to the Arctic land of Russia, Scandinavia have seen Ssangyong figure in Ta conquered the territory can even see the roof of the world, the Tibetan Plateau and the Taklimakan Desert of death. Since 90s, after the Mercedes Benz to carry out technical cooperation and the establishment of strategic alliance, Ssangyong Motor manufacturing standards and product quality has been upgrade again. Show car: XLV   Ling road sign;   on-site attendance in recent years, Ssangyong entered the city from the field of cross-border SUV professional SUV field, relying on high efficiency and high performance of gasoline and diesel engines, in the legendary models Korando Cochran, and Vera, XLV developed the Tivoli pedicle way that is consistent with Ling China market demand models, but also for the adjustment and optimization of product configuration for China market. In this regard, Ssangyong China general manager Mr. Wang Zhihong also said that the Shuanglong automobile attaches great importance to China market, will be in the second half of this year and the first half of next year were put in new models — XLV, Tivoli Diweila Ling diesel version. The future, Ssangyong will according to the characteristics of China market and China users special needs to develop new models, continue to promote its development in Chinese.   guest interviews Chu Hui group chairman Mr. Zhang Yantao also said the scene: Chu Hui group as Ssangyong brand 12 provincial-level administrative region in Southern China, East China’s general agent, will be fully responsible for the car maker in the territory of the dealer network development, vehicle sales, spare parts supply, technical service and customer service marketing etc. the whole business. Headquartered in Guangzhou, Chu Hui group, comprehensive development will be based on the Pearl River Delta regional market, at the same time to the provinces of Southern China, Eastern and central radiation. With the team of experienced practitioners of the automotive industry, professional technical service capabilities, more powerful dealer network, Zhu Hui will China automobile industry booming into a newer and more professional force, provide a better, to mainstream automotive consumer groups – Ssangyong choose more professional.   guest interviews for dealers, Chu Hui group in the examination of their qualification, in addition to the basic hard相关的主题文章: