Standard bank analysts Gold fundamentals optimistic about the Chinese demand for the Spring Festival-p8400

Standard bank analyst: Gold bullish fundamentals on Spring Festival China demand FX168 news on Friday (January 29th) gold market weakness in the background of U.S. economic data, the final recovery, erase the days of decline. Throughout January, gold gained nearly 5% of the gains, showing excellent results. Tom Kendall, an analyst at ICBC Standard Bank, says there are many good news from the fundamentals of the gold market. Kendall pointed out that China’s import data were strong, while the gold ETF continued to flow, and last week the Fed’s FOMC meeting resolution gave a dovish statement. Kendall said, "but these are things that have passed." Kendall said: "the market outlook, we believe that once the Chinese Spring Festival is coming, the real demand is difficult to continue to support gold prices remain at $1100 an ounce above level." On Friday, the Japanese Central Bank announced the negative interest rate decision shocked the market, making the dollar rose against the yen, and the price of gold was also affected once fell. MITSUBISHI (Mitsubishi) precious metals analyst Jonathan Butler pointed out that the Japanese Central Bank unexpectedly decided to make precious metals pressure. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

标准银行分析师:黄金基本面看好 关注春节中国需求   FX168讯 上周五(1月29日)黄金市场在美国经济数据表现疲软的背景下,最终回升,抹去日内跌幅。而整个1月,金价收获了近5%的涨幅,表现优异。   标准银行(ICBC Standard Bank)分析师Tom Kendall表示,从基本面而言,黄金市场有很多好消息。   Kendall指出,中国进口数据强劲,而黄金ETF在继续流入,上周美联储FOMC会议决议又给出了鸽派的声明。   Kendall表示:“然而这些却都是已经过去了的事情。”   Kendall称:“后市而言,我们认为,一旦中国春节到来,实物需求是难以继续支撑金价维持在1100美元 盎司上方水平的。”   周五日本央行宣布负利率的决定震惊市场,使得美元兑日元大涨,而金价也受影响一度大跌。   三菱(Mitsubishi)贵金属分析师Jonathan Butler指出,日本央行出乎意料的决定使得贵金属承压。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: