State Administration of radio reiterated the network to resist vulgar –it– people’s network nrf905

SARFT reiterated the webcast to resist vulgar –IT– original title: SARFT reiterated the webcast to resist vulgar in September 9th, the State Press and Publication Administration issued "on the strengthening of network audio-visual programs broadcast service management related issues notice", on the current hot network broadcast platform poured cold water. Notice that the relevant provisions of broadcast platform must be certified; without a "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" of organizations and individuals can not carry out personal show live, all kinds of audio-visual programs can not do news, arts, sports, interviews, reviews, may do audio-visual programs broadcast channels; live events must be reported to the provincial and over the radio and television departments for the record; without approval, no institution or individual shall be used on the Internet "TV", "radio", "radio" and "TV" radio and television business proprietary name. The "Circular" pointed out that, according to the "Internet audio-visual program service management regulations", "SARFT issued the" Internet audio-visual program service catalog (Trial) "notice", carry out network audio-visual programs broadcast service should have the corresponding qualifications. Without approval, no organization or individual may use the "TV station", "radio station", "radio", "TV" and other radio and television proprietary names on the Internet to carry out the business. The "notice" of broadcast content, related activities involving barrage release, live hosts and guests, live object made a specific request, broadcast should adhere to the healthy style grade, shall not contain provisions of state laws and regulations prohibit the content, and consciously resist the vulgar content, excessive entertainment, advocate money worship and advocating luxury etc.. (reporter Zu Wei Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: