Strong Typhoon Megi struck Hubei and other 10 provinces will appear strong winds and heavy rain-下北glory days

Strong Typhoon Megi struck Hubei and other 10 provinces will appear strong storm Wuhan Meteorological Center: Blue gale warning signal blue typhoon warning signal is expected in the next 24 hours, affected by cold air and typhoon, in addition to Shiyan, Enshi area, large areas of our province will have 5 to level 6, 7 gust around North please pay attention to the prevention of wind! Defense Guide: Defense Guide: 1 government and relevant departments in accordance with the duty to do the work of anti wind; 2 shut the doors and windows, reinforced panels, scaffolding, billboards and other structures by wind, the proper placement of outdoor items affected by strong winds, covering building materials; 3 water water operations and past the ship to take positive measures, such as return to harbor or bypass navigation; 4 pedestrians as little as possible to ride a bike, not when the wind blows on billboards, temporary structures such as stay below 5; the relevant departments and units to pay attention to forest and grassland fire. With the cold air and the typhoon, the next few days will become the main theme of cool rain weather. 26 days ago, the province’s western region welcomed the strongest rainfall since mid August, Enshi, Shiyan appeared heavy rain, local heavy rain. Wuhan Central Meteorological Observatory issued a series of 3 rainstorm warning, Enshi and Jianshi rainstorm warning rose to the highest level of red. The timely rain eased the drought in Western Hubei province. According to the latest meteorological drought monitoring: the northwest of Hubei, currently only one place in Shennongjia, most parts of Shiyan province drought basically removed, Fangxian, Gucheng, Jujube and other places have been reduced by last week’s drought and drought level. The 17 typhoon this year, "catfish" is approaching, the road to the west, is expected early this morning to be in China’s Fujian coastal landing again, the periphery of the northerly airflow to the province from grade 3 -4 north, the north wind will increase to 4 tomorrow -5 level, 6 gust -7. Tomorrow will usher in the eastern region of Hubei to heavy rain, high temperature fell significantly, the province’s highest temperature tomorrow only 21 DEG -24 deg. Wuhan this year, the rain began to cool down the curtain, the maximum temperature will drop to 21 degrees tomorrow, the highest temperature than Monday, the temperature decreased by 12 degrees C, the lowest temperature fell to 17 degrees C. Four days from summer to autumn and conversion, but also can not infer "autumn". What is the weather of the National Day holiday? Experts said that from the current meteorological data, the national day early (1 to 4), the weather is better, the province mainly cloudy weather, the average daily temperature in most areas at a temperature of 22 – – 25. Later (5 -7 days) by Typhoon "catfish" after autumn typhoon, the weather situation is still uncertain. (reporter correspondent Li Xiaolu Li Yuqian) according to the Beijing News: Strong Typhoon Megi struck Hubei and other 10 provinces will appear strong storm new network on 28 September, typhoon "catfish"! The Central Meteorological Observatory, the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" will be held today morning to morning in Fujian coastal areas. Affected by this, Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou three cities in all schools today are closed 2-3 days; South Canton iron, such as hundreds of trains outage. 10 provinces meet a wide range of heavy rainfall in coastal waters will lift the waves this year seventeenth typhoon "catfish" on the 27 day.相关的主题文章: