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Investing UK is the heaven for education seekers, the second best destination for the students of all over the world after US where studying is the dream of every single student. UK has one of the best education systems in the world where every single student gets best knowledge in a friendly enlivenment. Official data shows that currently there are 1809 different types of institutions (referred to the UKBA sponsor list) offering quality education in the UK. This is certain that every single part of the UK has a handy number of institutions and obviously where there is an institution there would be students as well. Reports revealed that currently there are almost 1.4 million students in the UK and all require some place to stay on. Thus in this manner we can easily describe that the student housing is relatively more potential than the other property investment modules. A huge investment worth approximately 2.7bn were invested in the last year 2012 which was measured almost 125 % more than that of the total amount invested in student housing in 2011. Above mentioned record invested 2.7bn, the out.e were also expected more relatively and since 2012 a double digit returns were measured as 12 % of the benchmark property of UK which was huge in the last three years .paratively. The studies also reviled that there is a huge gap between the supply and demand in such fruitful industry. There is approximately more than 50% shortage of student housing industry in UK currently as only 450,000 out of 1.4 million students have direct access of purpose-build student beds. That describes the monumental imbalance between demand and supply. The researchers also have found that during the last year, even more restricted policies were implemented by the government to weaken the chances of being granted the study visas to those who were actually not the true students wishing to enter to the UK for study but for other purposes. Although the government was succeeded for preventing those imposters and there is a drop in the number of new student being granted the study visas, but student housing industry got a huge boost during those days also. Investment Property Databank (IPD) estimates the .mercial value in excess of 20 Billion in student housing (Purpose built student beds) which holds the 10% of overall investment in property industry. On the other hand the private sector only holds the 6.5 billion which is much lesser and insufficient. The nitty-gritty of the above mentioned research shows that there is a lot more potential and excessive chances of bright and huge returns by investing in the UK student ac.modation. There is a lot more need to advertise about that, more needs to educate the investors. UK already have decided to encourage the investors from all over the world to migrate to UK to invest hence the investor category was introduce to fulfill the purpose. Thus by investing in purpose built student ac.modation would produce the good annual yields for the investors. About the Author: By: Jemma Barsby – People lives to earn and spend. That is the way human beings are brought up. They are meant to make a livelihood for themselves and their families. Everything has a price and price always means the economy. By: businesssolution93 – Find best online American equity stock investing with strong technology solutions of Avalon… Choose Your Broket To Trade Stocks And Options Today. Contact us today and choose an optimal trading plan based on your needs. 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