Students send sugar canvassing campaign the class cadre parents running to officer (video)

Students send sugar canvassing campaign the class cadre "official" parents running a teacher said, since the start of the class cadre election parents say hello, but no one labor member of the new semester campaign – Tianfuzaobao reporter Wang Yanan school for more than two months, the Chengdu city primary school also began a new round of class cadres the campaign work. For the election of class cadres, parents, students and teachers attach great importance to. Tianfuzaobao reporter learned that many parents allow children to be able to successfully took office, came up with many ways, some of the students in order to get everyone’s approval, but also actively canvassing. In a class cadre post form behind, in the end how many secrets? A teacher in the eyes of the design table, it is more difficult to write than unit test questions. The phenomenon of teachers design a class cadre post, more difficult to write than the unit exam, to take into account each child’s feelings. But there are some classes in the squad leader, the captain of the position of a lot of people, and no one reported the phenomenon of labor. The teacher said we hope that parents and children have a good attitude to the class management and service work, to actively participate in each of the positions are valuable jobs, whether elected or not elected, the children grow up in the process, set up the correct values, is the harvest." Parents: the value points of the job, staged a new semester palace every year after school, the class party campaign routine project. In mid October, the University of Electronic Science and technology attached to the primary school students, Ms. Liu, in the class group to download two word documents. They are outstanding cadres of the draft and division of labor and the exercise of small cadres, there are a total of 50 division, from the class cadres to the group leader, the eyes of the health workers patrol posts in one column. Liu said that in a short span of ten minutes, there is no movement within the group, but the group has been downloaded files have been more than 50 times, almost every parent in the class have a separate download. Every parents are particularly concerned about the children’s campaign class cadres, for fear that their children are not as good as others." Liu said that when they download the file, found that each post has different points and division of tasks. As a class monitor, you need to have two a week, plus 25 points, the main division is to discover and deal with the problem of coordinating each class, class cadre work, collect opinions (class mail), and timely communicate with students, arrange on duty, statistics, operation management and funding parts class prizes paid. In the entire list, early reading administrators, eye health managers also have different degrees of points, and even the emergence of a multimedia administrator and energy saving assistant. For such a division of labor, Ms. Liu said that the multimedia administrator is responsible for switching the computer every day, while the energy saving assistant is responsible for the daily classroom switch lights. But each post will be based on different types of daily or weekly points, scores ranging between 5 to 25 points, these points can be used for rating above the usual, only points to be eligible for Miyoshi school. "If their children do not campaign work cadres, no extra points, while on duty, early reading administrators and eye exercises administrator is random posts, but class cadre points more stable more courtesy相关的主题文章: