Successful innovation in the capital of the winter plant financing 4 billion 500 million yuan Foxcon

In the winter capital Innovation workshop successful financing of 4 billion 500 million yuan Foxconn led Tencent Francisco September 12th, China venture company innovation works (Sinovation Ventures) has just completed a new round of financing, to raise 4 billion 500 million yuan ($675 million) of funds. Innovation workshop jointly created by former Google (micro-blog) and Microsoft executives Li Kaifu (micro-blog). Innovation workshop announced on Monday that the company’s two funds have just completed a financing transaction. One of the newly established dollar based fund size of $300 million, mainly for global investors to finance, and Apple’s supplier of Foxconn Technology Group is the lead investor. At the same time, Innovation workshop has also set up a RMB led fund, the scale of 2 billion 500 million yuan, the scale of more than the previous set up a fund of RMB 500 million yuan. Today, Chinese start-ups are increasingly inclined to seek higher valuations in China’s domestic market. In accordance with the law, Chinese companies need to establish a special enterprise architecture, so as to obtain foreign investment, and this can also make these companies more easily in the overseas market. After a very manic 2015, in recent months, Chinese venture capital companies have begun to control investment. Business valuation began to fall, some start-ups are also extremely difficult to attract investment. However, the top venture capital companies are still able to finance, because the return of other assets has been disappointing, for investors, the choice to support the top venture capital company is still a good choice. In this regard, Li Kaifu himself said, we still see a lot of good ideas and investment trends. High quality startups will not be cheap, and they will still need a lot of investment in their growth." Innovation workshop plans to raise the funds invested in those who engage in artificial intelligence business, to create enterprise software and create entertainment content of the start-ups. Mr Li Kaifu says investors are still far away from start-ups that use subsidies to gain market share, while investors are more concerned about start-ups that can be profitable in the short term. Innovation works, previously called "China" s Innovation Works ", is one of the most radical China Vc firm, mainly focused on the use of artificial intelligence technology to develop unmanned and enterprise software, including start-ups. Over the past 3 years, innovation has invested a total of $100 million in China and the United States on the market of the company’s top 25 artificial intelligence related businesses. According to the Beijing Research Institute of Qing financial database pedata data of the group, the first quarter of 2016, the average size of China foreign currency investment fund of $200 million, at the same time, the average size of Vc firm localization Monetary Fund 537 million yuan. After this new round of financing, the size of the assets under the management of Innovation workshop has reached 8 billion yuan. Innovation workshop was founded in 2009, as an early investment institutions, has invested about 300 start-ups. Among them,.相关的主题文章: