Sudden death during military training of a sophomore in Tongji University-naughty怎么读

During a military training Tongji University sophomore boys said: sudden death was conducted by the Tongji University military training activities. Original title: Tongji University sophomore boys had recently stayed up early in the morning of sudden death [Xinmin · new report] according to several friends broke the news yesterday (August 29th) at 6:40 PM, Tongji University sophomore boys participate in military training set before the sudden syncope. In the evening, the boy died due to rescue invalid. Allegedly, Cao classmate who is a native of Anhui, is the management class of grade 2015 in Tongji University College students. According to the scene with the military training of students, said at 6:40 on August 29th Xu, when military training has not yet started, the students are preparing to set up a line of artificial lawn to eat breakfast. At this point, Cao suddenly collapsed in the classroom near the door of the artificial turf, when he woke up to see, no matter what." According to informed sources, the Cao students recently from the Tongji University Institute of management sponsored by the "love Dingxi" teaching activities have been back, stay up late, but there is no sign of health. It is reported that the 2016 military training in Tongji University for a period of fourteen days, officially began in August 28th, but did not carry out training in addition to naming. 6:20 yesterday, Xu gather to eat breakfast. Morning is the mobilization of military training conference. The conference was held in an air-conditioned auditorium. Experts remind that summer is the high incidence of sudden cardiac death. In some cases of sudden death in young people, many people do not have any symptoms, but they are in a long period of intense work rhythm and great psychological pressure, physical and mental fatigue. In addition, the irrational diet, often stay up late and other unhealthy lifestyle is a hidden trouble.相关的主题文章: