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SUNAC "M & a king" is how to make? The sina finance leaders column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Zhang Hongwei rongchuang from the existing layout of the city, "tiaofeijianshou" has become the core keywords layout strategy. The performance of the main three aspects: 1, select the fundamentals of good urban priority layout. 2, select the market capacity of the market to buy high-quality projects. 3, choose to improve the characteristics of obvious market entry. SUNAC "M & a king" is how to make? In September 21st, financial record China holdings disclosure announcement, the company indirectly wholly-owned Affiliated Companies gold property Jinke real estate subscription of non-public offering of shares 907029478 shares, accounting for Jinke real estate according to the issuance of non-public shares allotted and issued new Jinke shares after the expansion of the total issued shares of approximately 16.96%, the subscription price of 4.41 yuan per share, the total the price is about 4 billion yuan. At this point, the second largest shareholder of a branch into Chinese. Prior to September 19th, the financial record has just announced the acquisition of 13 billion 788 million yuan Lenovo Group under the name of real estate under the name of Raycom real estate projects. In recent years, the financial record acquisition moves frequently, such as Greentown, Jia Zhaoye, Yu Chi, Tianlong, Yurun enterprises such as project acquisitions or equity acquisition, since this year, the acquisition of financial innovation action more frequently, Raymond international, Raycom Jinke has become a financial object, a stock purchase or acquisition of the project. Recalling the history of the two years of the acquisition process, which cooperation and mergers and acquisitions with doping, but also with passion and frustration. The following author from the financial market layout, the characteristics of the acquisition process, one by one interpretation of eight aspects, to see what happened in recent years, the financial record of those things. Keywords: market layout selection from existing choosers SUNAC layout of the city, "tiaofeijianshou" has become the core keywords layout strategy. Its performance mainly in three aspects: 1, choose good fundamentals such as the priority of the city layout: Guangzhou Shenzhen first-tier cities, has been in Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou and Shenzhen also coveted pitch camp, for a long time, if not the acquisition of financial innovation has failed Henderson, perfect layout four line city. (of course, later with CITIC Pacific the cooperation in Guangzhou, through the acquisition of lemon international project in Shenzhen). In addition, the fundamentals of the Nanjing market performance is also good, SUNAC last year has passed up the signs for the first time in the Nanjing market, and through the acquisition of Tianlong’s project coded layout of Nanjing property market. From the current financial innovation city layout direction, Hefei, Nanjing, the fundamentals of Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Ji’nan, Nanchang city is no problem, financial record will choose to enter into or overweight. 2, choose the market capacity market acquisition of high-quality project: such as Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing City, although the property market fundamentals, Chengdu and Chongqing the two city have to pressure on the stock, but the city average residential sales are more than 10 million square meters, even the average sales area of the two Wuhan reached 20 million square meters, has become the national market sales of the largest city. In these cities, in terms of financial innovation, there is a market layout相关的主题文章: